Women in combat: Are women capable of performing combat functions as effectively?

  • Women are capable of performing combat functions effectively.

    Women are capable of performing combat functions effectively. They have already proved that women can fight in the front of the line in the military. I think that women in the military should be treated as an equal to the men. They should be given the same responsibilities as anyone else.

  • Women are effective in performing combat functions

    Women are just as effective as men in performing combat functions.Combat functions now have large technology components so the superior physical ability of men is no longer mandatory and women may actually have the edge in some ways and the whole emotion thing has been refuted by several academic journals.

  • Yes, they are

    If they want to be on the front lines, they're more qualified than a lot of people to be there. We shouldn't be picky about who we select that has the courage to do that job, if a woman says she can handle the responsibility and is eager to she should be given the chance.

  • Yes, women are capable of performing in combat.

    Women are perfectly capable of performing in combat alongside of men. There is no valid reason to limit women's roles in a military environment based on gender alone. If a person has passed the psychological tests and physical tests to perform the job then they should be allowed to perform in combat.

  • Yes they can.

    Anyone who says they are not is trying to defend the established order of extreme male dominance in the world. Women are are slightly physically inferior but that doesn't decide everything in the modern age, in this warfare of advanced technology fought at hundreds of feet with bullets and explosives. If they are trained and drilled and crafted for combat just like the men and can accomplish the same things nearly to a T, except lifting an arbitrarily heavy amount of gear, doctors say that even men should not carry 100 lb of gear because they WILL develop medical problems later in life. So yes, they are capable of performing very almost just as well as men.

  • Yes, women can.

    Women in combat are just as effective if not more so in some cases as men. Are bodies are built different so we will obviously have different strengths in normal situations, such as a man can lift more but a women can move faster and get more flexible. Both are effective and needed in combat.

  • Yes, women are capable of performing combat functions effectively.

    I believe that women are capable of performing combat functions as effectively as men. Women have come a long way in proving that we are just as smart, capable and hardworking as men. Women should not be denied the opportunity to serve in combat because we have the ability to serve with proper training, just as well as men.

  • On a minute level they're worse.

    It really doesn't matter all that much, But combat was literally the main job for men for all of evolution until recently. We evolved to fight better and have gained superior "battle senses", A mind more suited and designed for combat, While women have been our supports. They would treat our wounds, Feed us, And all around keep us fueled while we went around basically grocery shopping for stuff they need to help us. Not to mention we basically did everything for them. If men truly didn't care about women (psychologically impossible) then we would have stayed in the trees cause we just did everything to defend them and make their lives better. It just more natural for a dude to be killing things cause we're made for it. Kinda like making a scientist actually build his death-ray himself

  • Most women in combat cannot match the performance of men.

    This is really a no-brainer. It takes the rare woman that can match a man's performance in things like fighting and the use of brute force. This is not sexist in the least bit. Women have been in the military for a while now and there's plenty of real-world data showing that the women have to be graded on a curve when it comes to the physical requirements. I would not want to be on a battlefield next to a person who cannot carry or drag me out of harm's way should I become injured, would you?

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