Women in combat: Have nations including women in combat seen good results?

  • Yes they have

    Women in combat will increase the size of the army generously, and although some people say that children need their mother, over nineteen percent of women at the age of 20 or above do not have a child. Since the Pentagon allowed women to join the army, saying no would be like contradicting the government itself

  • Nations including women in combat have seen good results

    Nations including women in combat have seen good results. This is because of the fact that nations including women in combat have seen women perform just as well as men in general. Women are a very valuable resource for militias everywhere, and have been shown to be useful in combat.

  • Women In Combat Produces Results

    Nations that have allowed women in combat have seen good results to say the least. For that reason, the United States needs to expedite the process of getting women onto the front lines of combat. Many women can handle this responsibility just as effectively as the men they work alongside.

  • Yes they have.

    Nations who have been including women in combat have seen good results. A woman is perfectly capable of fighting in a war, so there should be no reason why you would see bad results from it. If they want to fight in the war, it is their choice and should be allowed to do so.

  • Yes woman are just as qualified

    A well trained soldier is a well trained soldier whether woman or man. So yes countries that allow women in the military have seen good results because they get more soldiers out of it. More soldiers means a bigger and stronger army to fight with. If you don't allow woman you cut your numbers in half basically.

  • No i disagree

    The most powerful countries in the world usually are men-exclusive. Women are often Weaker, Slower, and Less mentally capable then the everyday men this is why men rule the world. Although women are always nesscecary as cooks, cleaners and hospital nurses in wars today (Or wars before eg. WW1, WW2 Ect

  • Nations including women in combat have seen good results.

    Letting women who want to participate in combat is a good idea because it is a civil right. Women are capable of the same things men are. Nations what have let women into combat roles in the military have had good results. Other nations should also adopt this policy towards women.

  • Women in combat.

    I personally think that women in combat nations does not always have good results for individuals. I personally think that women in combat nations could affect them in the long run even though they might not have seen good results. I personally think that it could affect the nations including women in combat.

  • Physically and mentally it's just not best

    Women in combat hasn't shown any good results, women just aren't capable to be in the battlefields as men, it has nothing to do with the person being a women, it has to do with how women aren't mentally capable or physically strong for combat. There are been numerous tests that shown where women have failed, including for the Marines. It's just not possible.

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