Women in combat: Should women be allowed to serve in equal combat roles in armed forces?

  • Give women a chance. :)

    Some women need to work for money and some want to fight for their home land. Women need to have equal rights and position as men. Women work as hard as hard as men so in that case women should get payed and treated equally. So yeah my answer is yes to let women fight in combat

  • If They Meet The Standards

    I believe that women should be able to serve in equal combat roles, but I also believe they should have to make the same standards the men do. I think if this is done properly and fairly it will not cause a problem in combat zones. I believe if a male in not capable of accepting females in the combat field, then they are far more dangerous and shouldn't be allowed in the combat zones themselves.

  • Yes, if they are physically capable.

    A woman should be able to serve in combat if she takes all the tests and can pass them the same as the men next to her do. She should, once in combat, not ask for special treatment or be helped by the men around her more than they would help another man.

  • Women Should Serve Equally in Combat

    Yes, women should be allowed to serve in equal combat roles in the armed forces. Of course, women should be held to the same standards of fitness and excellence as their male counterparts. As long as they are able to do this, then there is no reason to discriminate based on gender.

  • Yes they should.

    I do believe that women should be allowed to serve in equal combat roles as men in the armed forces. I know of quite a few women or are just as strong, or stronger then, men and I also know quite a few wimpy men. So there is no reason a women couldn't do the same duties as men in the armed forces.

  • I believe they should be able to.

    Women can be just as capable as men when it comes to combat and physical prowess. If I were to run the military I would make the guidelines for women and men the same, as I need those troops to be a certain fitness level regardless of what their sex happens to be.

  • Time are different now

    This is a very debatable question. So, in my opinion, yes. I think women should be allowed to serve in equal combat roles in our armed forces just as the men. Naturally, I think they should go through a bit more training and drills, but in the long run, I think we are in different times.

  • Women are as capable as men in combat.

    In my opinion women should be able to serve in the same combat roles as men. While some people may label women as the weaker sex it is not entirely true. Many women may not be as physically strong men but strength isn't only how much a person can lift or squat. Women are just as mentally strong as men and that is what is really important on the battlefield.

  • Equality is Equality

    Critics of women in combat often cite the idea that women aren't strong enough emotionally or mentally to participate in combat. However, previous to being put in combat women must complete physical and mental training. I mean come on, are they just going to drop women in the military? Although, men may be biologically stronger than women in some areas, can every man lift 100 lbs? Well, neither can every woman. When we talk about equality, it means everyone is treated the same. Women should be allowed every opportunity in the military so long as they pass the required standards and tests. Let me put it this way, would you deny the strongest person in the world the ability to fight in the military, even if they were a woman? No, that would just be stupid. Women should have the equal chance to participate, if they pass the requirements.

  • No, It's More Efficient To Use Men

    No, women should not be allowed to serve in equal combat roles in the armed forces, because men are naturally stronger and more equipped to serve in combat roles. Having women serve may lead to unnecessary deaths, and increase injuries. This could lead to increased and unnecessary costs for the military and ultimately the taxpayer. Because there are plenty of men able and willing to serve in these roles, there is no need to use women.

  • No- but not for the reason you think

    Say WWIII, or an equally large conflict starts. Now let's posit that a draft needs to happen.

    If women are expected to fill the same roles, then it follows that they would be drafted

    When that WWIII starts, who will operate the factories back home? During WWII, we had the luxury of women operating them. What would they do without them?

    For the sake of keeping the economy strong during wartime, women cannot become eligible for the draft, and the only way that this would be fair is if they weren't offered full combat roles.

  • No they should not

    Women are too easy of a target for enemy soldiers. They will be abused and raped more so than the male soldier. Also, the women do not have the physical abilities that men do. They do not need to be distracting the troops when it is wartime. Also the major religions would be against this.

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