Should females be forced to register for the military draft?

  • Why The Hell Not

    Before I start let me say that I am in fact a women. Not that it should matter, But no one will take my opinions seriously on issues that are women related unless I say so.
    Feminists are all about gender equality until they have to take some bad with the good. You can’t selectively chose which rights you want, And which ones you don’t. IF the need ever arises, Women should be forced to draft just like men. I’m not saying that by wanting to be treated like humans, Women have to be negatively impacted. The fact that we are in a society that has finally realized men and women are equal, Means that we should all have to defend it.
    The main excuse for women not being drafted is “we need them at home to raise children for America. ” Bullshit. A father can raise a child just as well as a mother, And the argument is only an excuse for women too cowardly to go to war, Or men too prideful to fight alongside a women. Any arguments against it are just excuses by those two groups. Thank you and good night.

  • If you can serve in the military and you get equal pay

    If you can serve in the military and get equal pay (which you do) then you should sign the draft. Since we are all equal then we should all have the same government responsibilities. I see arguments that mothers are not replaceable. Thats true but NEITHER ARE FATHERS. To say that women should not be drafted is stupid at best.

  • Women should be a part of the draft

    Women should be a part of the draft for these three reasons, they save lives, it is necessary, most women are willing.

    They save lives, in 1967 Jordan, Syria, and Egypt gathered a plan to conquer Israel, one of the leaders of these countries stated we will kill every man woman and child we come in contact with. Due to Israel’s effective military they were able to defend their country, killing 500,000 people in just 5 days, and lost 20 civilians. 75% of all Israeli citizens were drafted approximately 2 million people, including women. This war was called the 6-day war because it only took six days for Egypt, Syria, and Jordan to realize that Israelis would kill them all. If the women would not have been drafted the odds of their country being destroyed would have drastically increased.

    In the example shown above it was completely necessary for the women to do what they did in order to keep their freedom. Women should not be drafted unless it is completely necessary as it was in the 6-day war, the women performed extremely well under the scenario they were placed in.

    Most women are willing to serve. If women were given a choice between freedom and forced service, most of them would chose to serve for a short time in order to conquer the country that is harming theirs, and in Israel the choice was fight or die.

  • If you can drive a car, turn a wrench, or balance books, you can serve

    The combat argument is a cop out to just keep women on their pedestal. The vast majority of people in the military are non-combatants. There is absolutely no reason other than politics and a sense of entitelment (not equality) that keeps men subservient and women from having to register for a draft.

  • Yes, women and men should be drafted, if a serious threat should arise.

    In a perfect world, I would be anti war, and anti draft. Unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world. That being said I don't think that a draft should ever be used for the wars that we've been in since Korea, mainly the "police actions" of Vietnam, Iraq, Kosovo, etc. However, in the event that a superpower such as China or Russia were to declare war on the U.S. I think the draft would be necessary because I doubt our forces in their current state could when a ground war if either of those countries ever decided to go that route. I also believe that women over the past several decades have worked very hard for equal rights and with that I believe that they should also have to register for the draft because equality should mean taking the good and the bad that goes with it. I also believe that women should also be available to be drafted into combat roles, if they're deemed fit for it (just as men) because they've proven that they can make it through that kind of training. As for the possibility of separating families in a time of war I believe that their should be some kind of part of that that should make it so only one parent should get drafted but with no preference whether it's the mother or the father to stay behind giving equality across the board. In today's society more men are becoming stay at home dads and they're doing it just as well as women are, so I think in the event of a draft the choice of who goes should be left up to the family.

  • Women worked for the right to see combat.

    Women worked for the right to see combat, so that means they can be in the draft. Now like how we have it already if your not mentally or physically capable then you probably will not continue service. Regardless if women want equal rights as men then you must have all the responsibilities as men.

  • There won't be another

    A debate about whether or not females should register for the draft is somewhat moot, since there will, most likely, not be another draft in the near future. Wars today are small and regional, and are far less hinged upon the size of the forces than all previous times in history.

  • Women are able to serve in the military just men

    Yes. In the world of equality, why should women be exempt for registering for the military when they come of age? There are large amount of women that served and are currently serving and there no issues concerning that. If women would like to be treated equally, then they should be subject to the bitter and the sweet.

  • Yes, females should be forced to register for the draft.

    Females should be forced to register for the draft in order to be fair. There are plenty of military opportunities for woman. If another world war were to start it would be very helpful for our country to be able to draft women into a lot of non combat positions.

  • Only if they are mentally and physically able to be

    Rights for women have come a long way since gaining the right to vote. Society is still sexist because of basic biology. Yes most men are physically stronger, but more women today show that. More women are stronger today. Still lots of women have 40 to 50% less upper body strength. Times are changing and society needs to update the sexist views of women and men.

  • No, the draft should not be mandatory for women.

    Women are the main child raisers in this country; look at how many single women are carrying the load for men who do not take part in child raising or pay their share. Making women register for the military draft would leave generations of children without care, should those women be called to serve.

  • Children Need Their OWN Mothers

    The future of America lies in the wellbeing of our children. Though studies find that paternal involvement enriches children's development into healthy adults, it is the mothers who are invested, soul and body, in their children and foster their emotional and physical development, and it is they who therefore can carry our nation to greatness by raising stable, morally-grounded children into capable, strong adults. Mothers are especially able to cope with and understand the demands of caring for infants and young children, not just physically, but in attending to their mental and social development, which is more subtle to detect, yet absolutely crucial to their development in those areas into adulthood. Mothers have the ability to see, discern, and heal emotional wounds in their older children that other caretakers often miss. My field of study is families and though fathers are needed, no one, absolutely no one, can take the place of a mother. Our most valuable assets in this nation are our children. On a different angle on the topic, why is the media largely ignoring the obvious inherent risk of drafting women who are not prepared for military life? The fact still remains that most rapes and sexual assaults in any setting find women to be the victims, and on top of that, research shows that women are twice as likely to be harmed by ISIS and other enemies as men. If the military wants to open its arms to women who of their own choice want to help, then the military can gratefully receive them and place them in positions where they find they will be most helpful, but it is an ugly and twisted thing to turn that desire and willingness to be able to fight into a reason to force all women to do so. And this isn't just about women. It never will be. Our children are our future. They are the assets we must protect and safeguard, and no one will protect and safeguard a child in ALL ways more than his or her OWN mother. Supporting note: Open adoptions are now more encouraged than closed adoptions...No matter the circumstances, all children need their own mothers.

  • Females should not be forced to register for the military draft.

    Females should not be forced to register for the military draft. If both males and females were forced to register for the military draft, then it is feasible that families might be torn apart with both parents simultaneously deployed. Families need to have the option of one or the other parent being able to stay with children.

  • No, and neither should males.

    I don't think men or women should be forced to register for the military draft. Many people are against war for any reason. These people should not be forced to do something that goes against their principles. If the military doesn't have enough people they should find other ways to recruit people.

  • No One Should

    I do not believe anyone (male or female) should be forced to register for the military draft. I do not believe drafting people into an army is a good idea. I believe it forces people in, that do not want to be there, and therefore makes the force stronger due to resentment.

  • For women and men.

    Women are not mentally or physically equipped to fight in combat. I have a family member who worked with women, For some 20 years, And he has seen firsthand, That it is tougher on women when in combat. We do not need men having to look after a petrified woman, Who found it harder than she expected to actually pull the trigger, Than watching his own safety. Imagine looking a human being in the eyes as you know you are about to take their life. Many women find this almost impossible to do and crumble under the pressure. Notice the word most. There are women who will pull it, But many female lives are at risk. Also, My family member witness women in carpools, Just changing tires, And mechanical stuff, And it would take them twice to three times as long to complete the task, Than a man. In most countries we fight, Women have no equality there, Making it impossible for women to be fully respected. If there was a court marshal, A Female witness would not be used purely because of her gender. Also women have a significantly higher rate for rape than men, And in other countries, That could put women at a huge risk for sexual assault, Slave trafficking, And other monstrous crimes. Women added to the draft is about equality, But outside of America, Views on women are very different.

  • Women should not be forced to the military

    All military positions are already opened to women, all the draft will do is force women who do not want to go to war, and may force them to be split apart from their children. I do not see any good things of forcing men and women to do something they may not want to do.

  • No women in ARMY

    Women are much weaker, they can't carry as much as strong man ever could. They run slower, and are generally not as intelligent as a man is. The average male IQ is over 1000, while a females drops down to 10. Did you know the abbreviation of fe- means to be less intelligent

  • I thought it America was a free country!

    Nobody at all should be forced against their will to serve in the military. If we were in serious need to fight, then those who choose not to can make their own mistake. And then about women, I never thought this day would come. Women were made differently than men; they were made mostly for child raising, although they can defend if need, but they are naturally unable to take military life the way men do. Men are supposed to be the leaders, the protectors. And I don't agree that women should be considered the same as men, having the same rights. We are all equal, yes, but men are the leaders. Women should not fight at all whatsoever!

  • Women are protectors of the home.

    Women are the mothers, the ones who bear children not arms for war. What will happen if women are killed it will lower our population. A we are not taking away rights but giving them. Any women can still choose to enter the army they have that freedom, but they shouldn't be forced to be in the army.

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