Women in the military: Should women be in the military?

  • Women know what they are signing up for, we have rights to, YES women should be in the military.

    Its my opinion and when somenoe is fighting for our country it should NOT matter at ALL what gender they are. The first thing people should think of when they see a US soldier is a Thankyou and having respect for the person, not what gender they are and judgning them by the fact of it. Yes women have babies, get priods etc but that doesnt mean anything! When women sign up for the military they are fully aware of what they are signing up for. Yes most women are smaller than most men but whats that have to say? Nothing. If men can join the military so can women.

  • If they can do the job they should be allowed

    As long as the female recruits are trained the same as the male recruits and can perform just as well on the battlefield I have no problem with women in the military. I believe in some combat situations women may even be superior than their male counterparts. As long as the women can do the work then they should be allowed in the military.

  • I think that anyone with the strength should be able to be in the military. It is idiotic to not let women in the military.

    I think that the is beyond idiotic. Why do you care? They are willing to put their life on the life for yours and you are being sexist? So far the arguments are that the female body isn't good enough and women are less superior. With the right training the female body can take a shot. And honestly, I know a lot of women who are a lot smarter than a lot of men.

  • No they shouldnt

    If they ever allow a woman to join the US Special Forces (marines, rangers, delta, seals...) I'll be handing my resignation. There's a reason why they don't have women in the FFL. They should assemble an all female platoon and see how well that works. I'm not saying women belong in the kitchen, but they sure as hell don’t belong in the army

  • They are mentally and physically less superior

    Ok. I get shot and cant walk. Hey 115 lbs Sally please carry my 205 lbs ass to safety!! Theres no argument. Not only that ,women are 100% emotionally driven. Their not designed to fight. And its not about "rights". Its about giving the military the best possible chance to win a war. No Marine I talked to supports women in there platoon

  • Women should not be

    I think the majority would agree that the human female body was not designed to fight at least not in the same aspect as the male is and because of that they may do more harm than good on the battlefield and men should have to fight so the woman does not have to.

  • Women are not military prepared.

    Have you ever seen a war between females? Have you ever seen a team of male soldiers fight against a team of female soldiers on the same battlefield, same weapons, and the same avenues of approach? Of course you could just say that women should be in the military because it's more troops to fight. For me, I say it's more Meat for the Grinder. More people to fight in a war means a larger force. Studies have found that women are more emotional than men. Men are more physical and mentally stable than women. In a battle, a soldier must have the courage and bravery to fight, ultimately decided by strength. Soldiers need to keep calm and fight without thinking or without problems and obstacles, which women will find all the time. What if a women has big breast size? How is she going to fight and run with those big breast jiggling around? And if she is captured, how do you think she will be treated in an enemy prison camp? The enemy will sure make good use of American female bodies on their door steps. Also, if I was in the military, I would want to be in a all-male force. To me in war, it is a brotherly bond. Men-at-arms, brothers fighting to protect each other. Now put a women in their, and there goes your military superiority, your military itself, and your entire nation.

  • Unless they make all standards the same

    All standards need to be the same. We cannot have different physical standards for women just because they are women. It may be tougher for them to reach the standards of men, but if they want it bad enough they can do it. As of right now however, no they should not be until they change this.

  • The problem with women in the military is not the capability of women, but rather the biological issues involved.

    As a woman, I do not support women having roles equal to men on the battlefield. Many other people on this side of the debate have pointed out that women aren't build like men, or would be unable to handle large loads, which may or may not be true, but this is not the argument we should be focused on. Instead, think of the other reasons it would be impractical and even harmful to have women in positions of combat equal to men. Women will have to deal with the biological issue of menstrual cycles, during which many of the women I know would not want to get up off their couch, let alone do the heavy lifting and physical activity dealt with on the battlefield. Would taxpayers have to provide money to pay for feminine products to be sent with these women? There are many aspects of women on the front line that just doesn't make sense for our national defense.

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