• A good idea.

    Statistically, men are better at some things. Women also tend to have their own strengths but one of the areas men tend to have the advantage is spacial awareness. Men just tend to be better at picturing in their minds eye the area the car around them takes up, and how to maneuver it with more accuracy. I am not saying that all men are better drivers, just that they tend to be. Fact is, most women can operate a vehicle but with a bit more difficulty. Though it may sound sexist to make parking spots larger for women, to me it is no less logical than making things more handicapped accessible. Many handicapped people can perform tasks that non-handicapped people, making it more accessible just makes it easier for them to achieve the same goal.
    Tell you what, if you find it offensive to have a special parking spot, don't use it. Leave it for a woman that might. Look at it this way, it would make it easier for you to load groceries, if you put them in the back seat, and you are less likely to get a door ding, unless another woman parks next to you, then your odds are about the same j/k.

  • In some situations.

    I have worked at a hospital. Just outside the labor and delivery section there was two women's only parking spaces. I don't think anyone would disagree that woman's need to park close to labor and delivery out weighed any mans need. I don't think it is sexist if a woman really does need that spot.

  • This seems silly

    I understand the idea that statistically, men have better spatial awareness but doing things to further the cliché that women can't drive would overall be a bad idea, especially because statistically, women are more careful drivers (by a very small margin). According to, "few gender differences exist with respect to driving errors and overall driving performance." Although there are differences in driving between genders, overall they are nearly insignificant since they balance each other out. As a result, all women's only parking would do would further a stereotype with no significant benefits

  • What the hell

    Like Caa112 I cannot believe that there are women only parking spaces which are pink and 30cm wider than typical parking spaces. I also am surprised that China of all countries was the first to have these parking spaces. Apparently, South Korea has caught on too. I guess it kind of implies that women need more room for their vehicles, if there are statistics or something to back this up then it makes some sense but at the same time is somewhat sexist. I'm not raging with anger but it is a bit of a bizarre concept in my view.

  • Really...? Should we add man only parking now?

    This is absurd... We all have the same rights, and I don't see any "man only" parking anywhere, so why should women get more extensive rights than men? It's unconstitutional and sexist! If I saw a parking spot like this I would be disgusted, it's not a good idea, and it fringes on rights.

  • That is absurd

    Because women are so week that we need special parking spots for us. Whoever's idea this was has good intentions but for gods sake we don't need our own parking spaces. We are not handicapped. We can drive just as well as men. This political correctness has gone to far. Happy thanksgiving!.

  • I couldn't believe this was an actual thing!

    Found out about this recently in an article by the wall street journal. The way I see all it does is grant extra privileges to women for no legitimate reason. I think it's completely sexist, and I was just wondering what other people thought about it. Here's the article I read about it

  • Total cliché of women not being able to drive...

    It's a stupid and kind of sexist idea and just supports the stereotype that women cannot park/drive well. Women can drive just fine and often actually drive/park more responsibly than guys. So a big no against women only parking. (And the disgusting pink sign in the picture... Just another stereotype proving my point... Just saying)

  • Discrimination of the Genders

    I do not think that there should be only women parking. Not to mention that it is sexist, it would also have to have the reciprocal option of having only mens parking. This could then be viewed as the entire "Separate but equal" Jim Crow laws because of why someone 'looked' different they needed their own places to be. I don't think that this idea is also very probable, almost ridiculous.
    Although I must say I did laugh at the idea. You're humorous Caa12.
    That concludes my statement.

  • Don't want to inconvenience myself.

    As a man, I disagree with women-only parking. It is unnecessary and might inconvenience myself on the grounds that I would have to go and find some other parking space if there were just women-only parking spaces available. I can understand disabled and handicapped-only parking spaces, but female-only is simply ridiculous.

  • Great example of sexism!

    We can't simply say "Women are generally worse at parking", this is stereotyping. There are a lot of female drivers who are better at driving or parking than male drivers. The presence of women only parking spots does not prove that male drivers are being considerate, but shows contempt for women's parking skills, regardless of the purpose.

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