• Women''s right her paramount, we have top leader in the world who are women, whereby changing the world for good- Example Merkel Angela chancellor of Germany

    I believe we are in a world where male and female should have equal opportunity, such in case of women seen in top most position in government such as prime minister, president. The world where at one finger tip, there can be a declaration of ones opinion or observation, which could get support from else where through the instrument of social media.
    Thousands of Saudis have signed an online petition calling for the government to abolish the country’s guardianship system, which prevents women from engaging in fundamental tasks without the permission of a male relative.

    “Women should be treated as a full citizen,” said activist Aziza Al-Yousef who, along with other activists, has been fighting against the guardianship system for a decade.

    “This is not only a women’s issue, this is also putting pressure on normal men ... this is not an issue for women only,” she told the Guardian.

  • Yes, they are.

    In Saudia Arabia, women are not treated equally alongside men. They are treated as less than an as other than men. This is a clear violation of their human rights, and the women in Saudia Arabia have a right to protest against the treatment they have been recieving under the rule of the king.

  • Clearly a yes

    Women aren't treated as adults under Saudi law. They need male escorts, male permission to attend school, drive, work or even obtain medical care. So it's pretty clear that there's an entire class of folks who are second class citizens. It's incredibly restrictive and definitely unfair. I hope the people of Saudi Arabia realize this and learn to value women.

  • Yes, Women's Rights are being withheld.

    Yes, Women's Rights are being withheld everywhere in the world. Women have constantly had to fight for equal rights, and the problem does not just exist in Saudi Arabia. Even in the United States, a woman is paid less than a man who does the same job. Their rights aren't equal yet.

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