• Yes, Of course

    Women were created to make sandwiches for men. They are meant to stay at the kitchen and toil their asses preparing the best sandwiches. There is no other purpose for women to exist. Anyways, My wife is stacking some Iberian ham on top of some french toast. Give me a minute.

  • Women belong in the Kitchen

    They are women therefore belong in the kitchen as they need to cook dinner for their husbands who are hard at work. If they do not have a husband, They need to learn to cook and get a husband and cook for them. Therefore they should belong in the kitchen.
    Raf Chiappellaa

  • Yes they are useless!

    Woman should be confined to work in a kitchen cause they can't take any physical labor. If a woman should leave the kitchen for any reason they should be beat. Even them bitches from third world countries who don't own a kitchen should play imagine and cook up some dirt.

  • Yes Yes Yes

    They can't do any other work, This is the only work they can do. . .
    They can't do any other work, This is the only work they can do. . . They can't do any other work, This is the only work they can do. . . They can't do any other work, This is the only work they can do. . . They can't do any other work, This is the only work they can do. . . They can't do any other work, This is the only work they can do. . . They can't do any other work, This is the only work they can do. . .

  • No. Women shouldn't be constrained to the Kitchen.

    Women are meant to help men. Yes, They are helpful in the kitchen. But, Imagine how much can they help outside the kitchen, Outside the house. This is the reason why Feminism is getting strong these days. We are not in the patriarchal time anymore. We have been modernized. We have been civilized already. And os must our minds and will be.

  • No not at all

    I would like to state ahead of time I believe with 100% certainty that a woman's place is in the home caring for her husband and kids but if a woman wishes for a job she should not be stopped from going out and perusing that if it is what she truly wants so I don't think a woman should be constrained to the kitchen only

  • No off course

    Women are not belong to the kitchen. Women can work in any field and I am sure women are not only equal but better then men. All over the world women proved themselves better then men in almost every field. So, I think women should not be constrained to kitchen

  • I'm just bored, But no.

    Cleaning, Let's get that over with, Shall we? Sexism is such a hard topic usually powered by Religion, Let's get this bullshit over with. I'm an Atheist also a woman, I don't work yet but I'm planing too. Cleaning is a job that any gender can do, For me a woman, Yes someone who can actually speak! Cleaning is hell let's get that over with, You want me to clean? I wreck your house and make a worse mess. Cooking? Almost burnt the kitchen down, And I make raw food. Even my brother is a better cook! And job's, A man can be shit at his job but a woman can be better. I am smarter than most of the men in my class, They're all horny monsters. My father left my mom and what happens then? The woman finds a new husband, New's flash it doesn't work like that.

  • Why though? L

    The best chef in the world is a man, And the better gender of leadership is female. I would think men are the ones capable of doing so and women are the ones to lead the world, But these men are butthurt and fails to accept that women are better.

  • No we have rights

    Do women belong in a kitchen? NO, Why is this a thing there is a reason God chose women to give birth. . . They are stronger than men. . . Women belong in so many more places than just the kitchen. As women we have fought for our rights for years, And to this day we still have not gotten everything we deserve. As a women you belong in the courtroom in the senate in a engineer lab, And anywhere you want to be and for anyone whom thinks we belong in a kitchen you will most likely be forever a virgin with no wife who lives in there mothers basement. . . So i truly hope you get your head out of your ass and open your eyes because it is no longer the 1800's

  • Why Is This Even A Thing

    Woman are more important than just to be a man's house servant. I don't know what world any of you are living in, But a woman is another person, Another human being with their own thoughts and emotions. Putting a woman into one area where they might not even have compassion for is BS (excuse my foul language). It should be their choice.
    Of course this is a joke, But it is a sexist one.

  • Was that how your mommy was?

    Women created the circuits that went in the Apollo rocket. They can be nurses and work in medicine. They can sow and they can make clothing and they can do office work and they can organize and make phone calls. They can do other things

    You are some loser who probably blames girls for the reason he can't get a job and you probably do not even have a wife. And if you do have a wife you probably slap her and hit her. Chances are that she will run away and take half of your salary with you.

    And then you be know as the person who got defeated by a women.

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anc2006 says2019-11-29T23:53:14.690
The best chef in the world is a man. Let that sink in. The best activist alive is probably a woman. Let that sink in too.

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