• Yes they should

    Ugh women are always treated so unfairly and they’re always so treated poorly and they’re always so treated like objects and they’re always being sexually harassed by men it’s so freaking unfair! UGH why do men always get the best of women huh? Like why do they always get to leave the child with the mother huh?

  • No they should not, But I'm not going to argue a men's rights case.

    Yes, Women should be encouraged to fight for their rights (if it does not cause monetary damage greater than their immediate cause). However, The answer to fire is not more fire.

    This is not going to be an argue saying "women have it so much better than men" or the opposite. Men and women are not equal. Women are worse off than men in many developed countries, And even more degraded in developing countries. This is largely due to our human belief system. We as humans have come a long way from our hunter-gatherer lifestyle thousands of years before. However, Despite technologically advancing and evolving, We haven't evolved our fundamental beliefs.

    For example, Men tend to take female bosses less seriously (this is also true when reversed; male bosses moreso treat female employees less seriously than male employees, This can be due to external factors or more heavy-hitting factors like sex disparity). Little girls and teenagers are told to be wary of what they post and share on social media (and there's a very large percentage of teenage and preteen girls that get creepy text messages by phone).

    Yes, Men are also disadvantaged in some aspects, Such as when a woman cries rape (a guy is more likely to be charged of rape, Females are not generally thought of as rapists).

    I think you get the gist here. There is no point in arguing which sex is better; we are not equal. Men are more physically stronger than women on average, But women can conceive children. Men are more geared to STEM subjects, Women are more geared for the humanities. It's okay if we're not equal. But we should strive for equity instead. Despite not being equal, We should look past this and still strive for justice.

    The problem is our mindset. We are geared to think these beliefs, Partially due to evolution not catching up on us quickly, Partially due to some of us being insensitive and ignorant. We shouldn't try to empower one sex without putting down another. We should strive for equity.

  • I've lost hope in humanity.

    How in god's name can this be an actual poll, Honestly women have the upper hand here they get treated better than us by a long shot here's an example: A man is going through a tough time and asks for help all he is told is to be a man and suck it while a woman is comforted by other women and men. All I'm saying is that both sides have their faults but this is just low for the people who chose yes.

  • No, No and no!

    Sexism is not ok one bit! Just because someone does not mean you should do it to them. If you hear, See, Or witness sexism you should set a good example and turn them down and calmly and politely tell them what they "stand for" or what they are doing is wrong.

  • Sexism is Sexism

    I don't care who the crap you think you are male or female. Being sexist is wrong and evil. If a male is sexist towards a female it is bad evil and wrong. If a female is being sexist towards a male it is wrong. The best way to get equal rights is to strive for equality not inequality.

  • No they should not.

    Women actually aren't treated that badly, Especially compared to men.
    Men are assaulted and murdered at a higher rate
    Men are raped more than women are if you include prison statistics which are important because men are incarcerated at a higher rate than women, Even for the same crime.
    Women actually leave their families more than men do
    Women have the advantage in custody hearings, Even when the father is more stable, Most women get the kids rather than the father.
    So no, Woman should not be sexist.

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