• Women should be subservient to men.

    Women should have zero authority over men. They shouldn't vote that only vote for more welfare. Women shouldn't be in the work force as they are a drain on any buisness rather then an asset. Women only consume that don't produce. A woman's brain is 10% smaller than a man's they are litterally children in an adult body. They have destroyed the family this destroying western society. A woman should obey her husband.

  • Yes, they should

    Its been that way for centuries, and women who were submissive were happy women, unlike the brain-dead feminazis of today. However, submissive to an extent, not Muslim submissiveness.
    Females in the animal kingdom are submissive to men, every religion and traditiional culture, including christianity, islam, judaism, hinduism, Zulu people, mexicans, italians, russian culture etc. had women submissive to men. Submission does not equal oppression. Like how kids submit to parents and teachers, theyre not oppressed, they know their place. Coming from a South African, 19yo, Muslim, indian female

  • Yes a man is leader

    Good woman know that she is lower than a man and accept that

    A woman need to have rules restrictions and should be always follow what he wants

    Thats what i have learned and i agree

    Women who lives with a real man are better and knowing their place they do not yell they do not ask

    They know how to behave and know het body is for him 🍀

  • Yes they should

    I don’t believe that women should be completely dominated by men, as seen in Islamic societies, however women are in no place to ever be in a position to dominate/control men. Women must have the same equal opportunities and not be oppressed, but women should always be supportive and a partner in work etc not in charge of men. The differences between men and women can clearly be seen in biological terms. Men have a penis which penetrate women’s vaginas, the biological power and dominance in clear favor of the man and women should respect that and not dominate men. Women must be treated equally and never oppressed, but should never be above men.

  • Yes, they definitely should.

    Women are such spoilt brats these days. They need to be reminded who's in charge. The women of today think that they can do what they want. Well, guess what. They can't. Men can. Men are supposed to be in charge. MEN ARE IN CHARGE OF WOMEN. Deal with it.

  • Just an opinion!

    Look at statistics concerning female happiness. History is a good indicator of innate characteristics pertaining to human evolution. On the subject of evolution, If we consider our present societal ecosystem, An argument could be made as being a natural progression to a more fluid human enterprise. Nevertheless, I submit, Certain characteristics, Primal and axiomatic if you will, Are undeniably unwieldy on both sides of the gender spectrum. Yielding to such modern pressures as we see today are obviously negative, Male and female indicators relating to happiness, Purpose and fulfilment being the barometer.

  • Agree - coming from a woman

    I agree with most of the comments here. We as women are meant to be submissive and obedient to our men. Women who actually follow this are much happier and their relationship looks way better than those where the woman tends to lead. There is nothing like letting your man lead and to fulfill his every sexual desire!

  • Wives, but perhaps not all women, should be subservient to their husbands.

    Two heads of household, just as two. CEOs, two presidents, two committee chairs, etc. doesn't work. The buck stops where?

    Biology. Duh.

    Intelligence. A larger % of men than women are idiots. A larger % of men than women are geniuses. The idiots don't need to breed.

    Women get pregnant and are able to nurse and nurture.

  • Women are Natural Nurturers

    Women do a better job of staying home to raise kids rather than men, plus women have always been equal, but feminism today isn't about equality. Feminism today is about putting down men to bring up women, men are just as important to society as women are. There are some jobs women are better at than men, and there are jobs that men are better at than women.

  • Women should serve as sexslaves for men.

    Women were always ment to be playthingd for men, it's their duty, biologically AND mentally. First of all, biologically: The female body has on average always been physically weaker than that the male counterpart. That is an undeniable fact. Thus it would only be logical to conclude, that human males were made to dominate physically over FEMALES. This can be supported by darwinist theories of 'survival of the fittest'. The female breasts also support the theories of male dominance. Females are born with breasts larger than male's. While they serve as food supplies for babies, there's no denying, that they give a lot of pleasure for Males. They do not serve the females themselves and prove, that women were MENT for subdugation. Another example is the female ass, which is much larger and more impractical than that of the male's. It's size is only usefull, for the creation of children and the pleasure of men. It's large size alowes the male penis to thrub into the female anus while having the joyfull sensation of bumping into the 2 wobbling fatfilled asscheeks. Anal sex gives more pleasure to the dominant male than to the females, and showes, that females were ment to offer sexual pleasures to men and not the other way around. And finally, there are countless mental reasons which prove that women were ment to be sexualy exploited. If females were ment to have power, then WHY did it take so long to get the right to vote? Thousends of years of humanity, and they only managed to gain votingrights these last 100 years? This supports, that women are mentally submissive and that they accept subdugation. And even Today, there are countless signs that show that females are MENT to serve men sexually! Let's look at sports. Are there professional female athletes? Yes. Are they phisically inferor to men? Absolutely, the tennis 'battle of the sexes'have proven it many times. Because of this physical disadvantage, female athletes need their physical sex appeal. Example: Female Beachvolleyball players wear less than male beachvolleyball players. Their bras are so skintight, you almost see their tits popping out of their clothes and their panties are so small and tight, they regullarly get wedgies INFRONT OF THE CAMERAS, an act that would be embarrassing for the average male athlete who usually demands more dignity than than that. And yet for female athletes, this indignity does not seem to matter much for them. They even have the choice now to cover up their whole body, and yet most of them refuse. The typical argument, is that wearing less and more skintight clothes enhances your physical performance.If that were true, why don't MEN ALSO WEAR LESS CLOTHING? Men usualy wear a t-shirt and shorts during professional volleyball matches, and yet they continuously manage to outperform the weaker female sex. The truth is, that females nowadays KNOW that they should serve the purpose of sexual slavery, therefore they wear as little as todays society alowes them to.

  • Come out of the cave.

    The only two advantages that men have over women is that they have a greater inclination to physical power, and they don't have to carry a child for 9 months in order to spread their genes.

    I would argue that most positions do not require great physical strength and that women who are more physically able can complete even those just as well.

    Furthermore more positions in today's society are customer service and skilled work. If you take a look at distribution in service jobs and gender stereotypes one could even argue that a woman has an advantage in customer relations.

    Certainly women are just as capable in intelligence as men otherwise their wouldn't be women doctors or lawyers. The only disadvantage women face in skilled labor is a societal gender bias in which the male is perceived as more skilled (even when he is inferior).

    Lastly I would argue that an intelligent and skilled female worker contributes far more to the workforce and society than a poorly educated man.

  • Why should they?

    Women are just men who landed on the other side of the gender fence, there's no rational reason why they should be subservient just because they have different chromosomes or because they look different. Also, a humans brain is bigger than a hippos, yet we are smarter, smaller brain doesn't mean less smart

  • Different but equal.

    It is well known that there are differences between men and women on a biological level, for example men are normally stronger than women. This doesn't mean they are not equal to men in society, women are just as able to to run a company as men just as they are just as able to be in government. The idea that women should be slaves to men is absurd. There is no reason that any person should be a slave to another.

  • Women are people

    Women are human beings that think and understand. Women perform well in school (often better than men) our IQs are roughly always the same and some studies show more. We have greater emotional intelligence. Women are people and once they become adults they should be able to think for themselves and make their own choices. They aren't an object to be owned.

  • They Should Choose

    If a woman wants to submit to a man, She can. I don't want to, So I won't. It's as simple as that. We are equal, Get the frick over it! It's not the 18th century! As stated by @luciomain, You probably are just saying yes to get attention. I wouldn't want to be anybody's slave, And I don't think anybody would!

    If women were meant to be sex slaves, Why are some of them, Including me, Aromantic and asexual? Huh?

  • Its the 21st Century

    I am a man who agrees in social equality (this word needs to be explained to some feminazis) it means BOTH genders should be treated EQUALLY (so no matriarchy or patriarchy). For centuries inequality has caused movements such as the suffrage movement.

    My proposal is that harsher punishments should be given to men who treat women unequally and women who say they are the victim to get huge sums of money.

  • Equality is Simple.

    Now let's make something clear. Feminism by definition is not man hating. It's the fight for equality among genders, races, sexuality etc. I'm living in a society where women are required to wear modest clothing, sit in an elegant manor and never be brash or boisterous like my male peers. Being myself I dutifully ignored all of these.
    The argument that women should be submissive is in fact invalid. For one, the argument that women's brain is smaller and therefore less smart is complete and utter crap. I'll have u know that the top 3 students in my class, in fact the entire form, are females. And there are more males in my year as well. Second, the notion that we are too gentle and docile to be allowed to make big decisions like voting. Tell that to the female police officers next time u see them. Third, it is in their nature to be submissive as it is their rightful place, just as God had said. Ah, yes, the religion argument. Now before anything, how can we prove that females being equal is a bad thing? How is it effecting anyone? If it's not bringing any disadvantage then why are people still so against it? For the love of God, in the end of the day, everyone are equals!!

    Posted by: K.T
  • Matriarchal societies exist, and can function as well as patriarchal societies do

    There is absolutely nothing abnormal or unnatural in female authority figures. This power hierarchy occurs plenty, and all over the world.

    On top of that, it's basic psychology that without a strong, competent mother, a person has a diminished chance to live a healthy and functional life. We cannot be without women, the same way we cannot be without men. And strong, stable women are arguably more crucial to the structure of a society.

    When women are taught to be subservient, they are taught to be just as braindead as women who are power-hungry monsters. (see irresponsible, self-absorbed, non-intellectual 'feminists'). These women are just a weak foundation, in either case, and make for a weak family/society as a consequence. Extremes are unacceptable. Submitting to a competent authority figure is fine, but subservience is and always has been for servants and slaves. I am a woman, an intellectual, an artist, and I am not a fucking servant or slave.

    Most of all: when women and men are of equal status, share vastly different (but equally important) responsibilities, and execute them competently, that makes for an exemplary team, home, family, and society. Women and men are each other's halves. They complete each other. End of story.

  • Segregation all over again!!

    If women were to be under the rule of men, the world would fall apart. What if one of those women were to find a cure for cancer? And they wouldn't be able to go and live a future. They would just be home 24/7 slaving away under some man's roof.

  • That is honestly stupid

    Everyone should be equal, regardless of who they are or where they came from. Why should someone of a different gender have less authority than a man? Sure, men might be physically stronger, but that doesn't mean stronger in brain power. The thought of women being slaves is just as awful of the thought of the whole earth exploding. More than half the population is composed of females, and half the population should not be slaves.

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You definitely have something against women Toby