• I would say so

    So I think women should indeed wear more skirts and dresses because they look pretty in them Women that wear them look feminine of course Im not standing here telling women to wear skirts that are to short mind you I think women should dress modestly in public. .

  • Yes, Dresses and skirts and no underwear.

    Women should only wear dresses and skirts sans underwear so that men have easy access to their vagina and anus. Women only exist to serve men so they should make themselves readily available for sex by removing any barriers. She needs to whip up that skirt and bend over so she can take that dick like the whore that she is.

  • Yes they should.

    No one is saying that you miserable overweight cunts should be forced to wear those items. Dresses and skirts look nice on women. I don't understand why you're so defensive over this. All feminists should be banned from the internet, That would be awesome. Then only adults could talk. Need to get to 50 words.

  • Yes yes absolutely

    Women should wear more skirts and dresses I don’t know i just think they look nice not short ones I mean long of course im not one to advocate for wearing clothes that show to much but skirts are quite nice in my opinion as well as dresses and I would like more women to wear them

  • Hell no girl

    No no no. I live in Democracy and nobody can take away my right to wear what I want. So go ahead you far right dictator and take away my right to wear pants and shorts like all the other men and woman I live with. It’s a free country and you can’t tell me what I can and cannot wear. Plus skirts and dresses don’t protect your vagina as well as leggings do because at least pants give you an extra layer between your private area and open space. Science girl, 101.

  • We have enough

    Why the hell do you care about woman not wearing enough skirts and dresses when we have a battle against racism and climate change raging. Black people are continually oppressed and cursed. We are missing many black doctors and teachers. BLM protesters are treated too harshly. Sea levels are rising and the air is filled with smog. Don’t tell me to wear skirts and dresses in public unless you can tell me how you can be a good anti racist that can accept the fact humans were responsible for climate change

  • Too Cold & I'll Reserve My Body For Myself & My Partner

    I don't really feel comfortable wearing skirts or dresses because I live where it's cold, For one thing, And for another, I genuinely think a woman should only show skin if they want to or if they are around their partner. I don't want other guys eyeing me because I have someone I want at home already.

  • Why why why!

    Everything on this site is either Spam or political and Political Spam is the worst. Well yes, I have to say lefties and righties can be extremist dictators but communism is a bigger threat than faicism. Either way I don’t like skirts and dresses because if your skirt gets torn, Your private parts are exposed but if your pant leg gets torn. But I have to say skirts and dresses were made to make a woman look soft and beautiful but we live in a world where some woman want to look hard core and beautiful which is why leggings are SO ATTRACTIVE! Thanks to whoever invented them. Many people invent accidentally so what are the chances leggings were accidentally invented when a random tailor cut someone’s pants to tight on the legs?

  • The whole female dress code is screwed

    You know, I am a man and I do ‘t want to be judgmental but I think woman are becoming too exposing granted that my parents are baby boomers and I’m a generation x. I think minidresses are overrated and bikinis are becoming a little too popular and I don’t understand why some woman want to wear oversized t-shirts that hang over their shorts. Anyway, I think that the only thing the new generation of females did to the dress code that was good was adding pants and shorts to the mix along with shirts and jackets but now, Things are getting too revealing. Some woman are worse than others when it comes to being exposing.

  • I prefer not to

    C’mon, Why are we all arguing and getting defensive over something stupid like clothes. I mean like personally, I hate wearing skirts and dresses because they are not my style but I am not going to go to war over it. People overreact to little things too many times and we should really stop arguing

  • Not happening bro

    We are not going back in time. We are moving forward. Them clowns on the yes side aren’t thinking about democracy. How would you like it if someone fo4ced you to wear something because of your gender? That is oppression. It ain’t as critical as racism but it is still something to consider

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