Women shouldn't have to dress modestly to be respected

  • Looks do matter.

    Like it or not, You can and will be judged by how you look. Tho it is wrong to judge people on things beyond their control such as skin color, It perfectly acceptable to judge people on things they can like what to wear. The more respectable you dress, The more likely people will see you as respectable but if you don't dress respectfully, Then they have no reason to respect you. This goes for men as well as women.

  • Should clothing determine respect?

    Clothing shouldn’t determine wether you respect someone or not, In all honesty there is really no reason to not respect someone. Just because you don’t like the way they dress doesn’t mean you get to treat them like shit. If they respect you, You should respect them. End of story.

  • Yeah, They should

    I know I'll catch a lot of flack for this, But I find too many women dress inappropriate. I don't know how this is considered sexism, If men were to wear booty shorts or thongs at the beach or gym etc, People would be criticizing the bejeezus out of them. I hear it all the time when a guy has his shirt off, "OMG, He's such a douchebag". I personally find women who dress scantily usually have severe mental illness and deep seeded insecurity. They do it for attention and approval, Not themselves. As a medical student, I also found a lot of girls and I do mean ALOT resort to plastic surgery to be able to wear short tight clothes and bikinis. Its very sad in all honesty.

  • Policeman, Fireman, Doctor, Farmer, Priest. . .

    First of all, Respect should be given across the board. That being said, All the job roles in my title require a certain dress code, Its what we have come to expect, We live in societies based on an image. If the title read "Gangsters shouldnt. . . Be respected" our opinions would almost certainly change. Women dress in a certain way for a reason, To project an image, And in most cases to get a response from those gazing their eyes at the attire. This could be an evening dress or something more provocative. This is true for the opposite sex as well. It's just that years and years of conditioning via media sources (porn, Hollywood movies) have morally corroded the mindset of some to the point that a sense of respect goes out the window when scantily clad women walk by and their minds relate that image to a vile pornographic movie scene offering little in the way of respect. Have a nun walk by and the reaction is different. So my point is, Respect should be mandatory but don't out there dressed like Madonna in one of her earlier music videos and expect George Clooney to be wolf whistling. Personal image is everything in this consumer society.

  • Women can dress how they want, Who cares, But

    If you dress for attention, For sex, To be a visual object then do not expect the same reaction another achieves when she is dressing the way she likes that gets her business respect, Integrity, Etc. Its your choice which you seek. Its no different for men. Dress for success or dress for visual appetite.

    Posted by: trax
  • The contents of a person's mind and a person's actions are more important

    What a person thinks and even more importantly what a person does should count towards much more when it comes to whether or not to respect someone than what they wear or how they look. That being said when someone is a complete stranger you'll naturally fall back on heuristics to decide how to deal with them, Since you don't know the person's mind or the person's behavior. But even then they still deserve a minimum of respect. There is no reason to act like a jerk towards someone, Unless that person is being a jerk towards you.

  • I disagree with the premise

    Although it is true that women should not have dress modestly to be respected, The fact remains that isn't up to women to decide. Since respect is earned, Respect can be given from one person to another for a variety of reasons. It also depends on the kind of respect the women "should" be receiving. If a women wants to be respected for their deep thought and theological input on life, Then dressing like a pole dancer would be a great way to take away from any argument that women is trying to make on the subject.

    If i was trying to apply for a job as the CEO of a fortune 500 company, And i decided to come to the interview in flip flops and not showering for 3 days, I may not be taken seriously. As stated, Respect is earned, If we want respect, As a goal, Then we should be doing things that help is achieve said goal. What we should not be trying to do is condition an entire planet to treat women differently than men, Because someone thinks rules don't apply to them.

  • It goes both ways

    If a man dressed is a way that is no modest, He will be laughed at sent home from work, And DISRESPECTED, As a woman would. As a male, More strict dress codes generally apply, Therefore the entire premise of the argument is sexist - if men should, Then women also should.

    Posted by: Chub
  • No and Yes.

    Respect is a choice. It may or may not have something to do with the way you dress. It may or may not have something to do with the way you look. I could even have something to do with a gut feeling someone gets about you. Some people give respect to everyone, Other don't. Just live your life how you want to live it but understand that if you want respect from someone, You have to do something to earn respect. Respect is one of those things that is not and should not be given universally.

  • You don't know someone's personality by their clothes

    If women should have to than men should too, Even if also they should, You should be to wear what you want and not have to deal with people staring at you. You can dress however you want, It's your body so you can do whatever you want with it.

  • Tbh respect shouldn't have to do anything with clothes.

    Its like the term ever judge a book by it cover. People who judge of what people wear don't make sense to me. Clothes shouldn't be what respect is depended on. Respect itself should be earned.
    Its like the term ever judge a book by it cover. People who judge of what people wear don't make sense to me. Clothes shouldn't be what respect is depended on. Respect itself should be earned.

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