Women who say they don't need feminism don't understand feminism.

Asked by: JaneDoe625
  • Feminism is good.

    Feminism is all about creating equality for both genders. Feminism is supposed to send the message that while men and women are different we are equal. Each gender has it's positives and negatives, like women are usually weaker then men, but women can create life men can't, or that men usually take more dangerous risks then women, but men are usually taller then women, genders will always have things that we do better than the other.

  • I'm all for equality,

    But you absolutely have no right to invalidate the opinions of other women like that. To me the pro's and con's or rights and wrongs of feminism is a completely different issue, than saying that everyone who disagrees with your opinion just doesn't understand. I truly believe that people should fight for what they think is right, or defend against those who would discourage what you think is right, so invalidating others like that is completely uncalled for. People who are unwilling to consider opposing points of view is why we sometimes have a hard time progressing forward.

  • Screw anyone who says you need feminism

    You don't have to be a feminist to support equality. You can be a secular humanist, or an egalitarian. You don't need to be apart of an ideology to support the things it stands for. Until you guys realize this I see no reason to support feminism period the end.

  • Feminism has spread lies.

    The dictionary may say that feminism is for equality, but feminists continually do not follow the definition. Western, 3rd wave feminism has spread misinformation that nearly all of society believes. Some examples are the wage gap and the 1 in 5 study. Feminists ignore issues that men face and paint all women as victims. For those reasons I think it is perfectly acceptable for a woman to be anti-feminist.

  • Feminism spreads lies

    The dictionary may say that feminism is for equality, but feminists have not lived up to the definition. Western, 3rd wave feminism has spread lies that almost all of society believes. Things like the wage gap, and the 1 in 5 study are good examples. Feminists have led women to believe that they are victims.

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