• Men should be able to wear high heels in public

    There is no reason why men should feel less than men and women not appreciate and respect their guy when he wears heels in public.

    To say that it is wrong for a guy to wear high heels in public is to also say that women wearing men's clothing are wrong. You cannot have it your way and not allow the other side to also have their way. It should be that if a guy can wear heels, Walk confidently in them and likes the look on them, They should be free to do so without anymore judgment that someone would get for wearing mismatched colors.

    So guys should have the luxury of wearing heels if they so desire. And the women should respect them for their fashion sense or at the least accept their man for his style.

  • Your answer isn’t really relevant

    First off no I would not go out with a man wearing high heels in public because that’s just my preference. Second why are you talking about wearing high heels in public when the question is about women going out with men who wear high heels? Sure men have all the right to even though people would look at it weird but nobody is saying they can’t.
    I wouldn’t go out with a man in high heels because it’s a preference. . . Simple

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