• Yes, i agree.

    This is very true. According to the recent news, the principal of Wooodland Hills High School is allegedly said to have insulted the student. I actually believe this is true, having done enough research on this. Therefore, the Principal has to face the law. This will serve as a lesson to the rest of the teachers.

  • Yes, the principal has insulted the student.

    There was a recording that included the principal speaking in a derogatory manner towards a student. This can be further evidenced by the recording mentioning that the one receiving his harsh words was 14 years old. Against the argument of the mother of the child didn't immediately go to the authorities, the mother may have been saving it for a time when the principal spoke up again against her child.

  • Yes, the principal has insulted the student.

    Being a teacher can be very stressful, especially when having to deal with unruly students. As the principal of the school, this man should be setting an example to not only to the students, but to the other teachers. Therefore, regardless of the student's behavior, the principal should have acted in a more professional manner.

  • Yes, he did. `

    Not only did the Principal of Woodland Hills High School insult the student he was talking to in the audio file that was released, he also swore at and threatened the student with physical harm. This is why he was placed on leave, and the entire incident is under investigation.

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