Workfare: Economics - Is it economically affordable and valuable for a governments to spend on developing workfare schemes?

  • Workfare schemes create jobs for us.

    It is economically affordable and valuable for a government to spend money on developing schemes. I mean it will only create jobs in the future sectors. There are many jobs that are getting permanently fixed. To create more jobs or to have healthy economy it is important to keep looking into new sectors and workfare schemes.

  • Government Support of Workfare for the Disadvantaged

    Workfare enables those on public assistance to contribute to the community and its' aim is to bring them out of poverty and provide them with skills to support themselves. In some cases, there is a cycle of poverty and dependence on government which has existed for generations. I doubt that anyone wants to spend a lifetime on government services. An opportunity to give back to the community by employment or volunteer service would perhaps help people break this cycle and become productive members of society and feel much better about themselves.

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