Workfare: Should unemployed people be made to work for their welfare money?

  • When And If

    The majority of people who receive assistance from the government are working, however when someone is unemployed and receive these benefits, I do not think it would hurt for them to volunteer to help to some degree. Some people have time between jobs where they could put in a few hours, helping somewhere and it wouldn't hurt them.

  • Gettting welfare should come with stipulations

    I think people who are on welfare should be screened first before getting it. People who are capable of working, should not be getting welfare, unless they are working and not making enough to support their family. Some people who have a disability or medical condition and can't work should get welfare to help support themselves.

  • Unemployed Should Work for Welfare

    Without a doubt, unemployed individuals need to work in order to receive welfare. Even the unemployed receiving unemployment from the government need to do some type of work. Free welfare is a dangerous thing that could doom this country in many ways. Therefore, welfare requires stricter requirements for benefits today.

  • Yes they should

    Unemployed people should be made to work for their welfare money. The unemployed are not currently doing anything, while still getting paid. They can be made to help clean up park, or whatever the states needs. This will help the state save money by not paying someone to sit around and do nothing.

  • Yes, welfare should require work.

    Yes, unemployed people should work for their welfare, because work encourages life skills. The people working will gain employable skills that will help them get real jobs in the future. Workfare also encourages a good work ethic, because it gets people in the habit of getting up and going to work.

  • No, unemployed people should not be made to work for their welfare money.

    No, unemployed people should not be made to work for their welfare money. Unemployed people pay into their unemployment checks when they are employed, it's something they have earned the right to. People who have never worked don't get unemployment benefits. If you are going to make them work for unemployment benefits you might as well give them a job.

  • No, people shouldn't have to work for welfare.

    People shouldn't have to work for their welfare money for a few reasons. The first one is that many people are too disabled to work but have fought unsuccessfully for disability benefits. A lot of those people would be working if they could. I would make an exception if a job could be found for them that they could handle working at. Another reason is it is often very difficult for poor people with children to find affordable childcare.

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