Workfare: Social benefits - Do workfares produce good products for society?

  • Yes, workfare makes good workers.

    Yes, workfares produce products for society, because a person who is forced to work will have more incentive to look for a job that pays better. A person will want what is best for them, and if a person can receive benefits without doing any work, they will do so. People who are forced to work will work harder to find a real job.

  • Workfares are effective and critical for improvement of society.

    Workfares are critical in improving economic factors within communities. Workfares allow citizens to get the benefits and assistance they are in need of without compromising future success. It is unfair to our citizens to allow them to not contribute to society, yet to reep benefits from society. It is also unfair that in order to get help for your family you have to be destitute. Workfares will help people rise and stop depending upon welfare services for extended periods of time.

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