Working from home: Pros and cons of working from home?

  • Working from Home

    There are pros and cons from working on home. The choice to work from home is that of the worker. There is a preference as to why they chose to make home or the office their workplace. n the wake of car pollution, working from home can help the environment.

  • Working from home, unfortunately, has many cons.

    Working from home is very difficult in many ways. Perhaps the most difficult thing about it is how easy others think it is. They don't realize that working from home can be difficult. People don't realize you need time to work, for example, and you may regularly get interrupted during the times you need to be working. There are certainly positives, like not wasting time driving to a place of employment. But, overall, it's not as easy as people think, and requires a lot of patience and persistence to get the job done.

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