• World Cup Brings us Together

    Events like the World Cup really do show us how we are "a small world after all". There is something about everyone all over the world watching and experiencing a similar event that brings us together. Shared experiences give us something in common, when two people from to very different places can find some common ground (in this case soccer) we can find ways to communicate and relate to each other.

  • Yes it is

    Yes, it is a small world after all. We are all watching what happens in the soccer matches. We want to see how other countries will celebrate a win. How the different countries can have bragging rights of being the better team than the other teams were. It is competitive and fun.

  • In todays standards

    In contemporary society I can board a plane and be to the other side of the world in less than a day. But due to the Internet, I can communicate with those around the world instantly. Internet really has turned distance into a meaningless value. So yes, it is a small world.

  • Can't find the plane.

    No, it is not really a small world after all, because a jumbo jet went missing from Malaysian Airlines, and no one in the world can find it. Since something that large can just disappear, and be a mystery to everyone on earth, we do not truly live in a small world after all.

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