• Brail The Champions

    Even though Brazil lost in humiliation to Germany, this is just a small roadblock for them in the path of future glory. They have got a great bunch of lads; Neymar, Oscar, Hulk, etc who are unstoppable in their form days. There is a great slver lining Hope for Brazil.

  • You don't win every time.

    Yes, there is still hope for Brazil in the future of soccer, because Brazil did a great job in the World Cup. Their last game was a big disappointment, but they still made it that far in the World Cup. No team is going to win ever year, and only one team can win.

  • Yes, Brazil has hope.

    Brazil has always been a powerful country in the soccer world. Their resounding defeat by Germany can somewhat be attributed to the injury of Neymar. While his presence would not have guaranteed a victory, his absence definitely negatively impacted the team in their quest. Brazil has the potential to beat the Netherlands for 3rd place.

  • No, there isn't any hope for Brazil in the future.

    Brazil has been a good location for the World Cup however, it has already caused a lot of controversy for many families were displaced and control over riots and/or other incidents wasn't as proper as it should have been. Moreover, the location will be changed so to keep things interesting as well.

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