• A year day for german football, a weak year for Brazil that crashed worse than necessary

    Well, if this opinion still needs a resolution then I'd say that the scoreboard in the semi-final was pretty obvious. Till about 3:0 it was still enjoyable for the Germans and still believable for the Brazilians but around 6:0 I can tell you that even some of us Germans wanted this to end.
    This year, German football was so much clearer, cooler and precise than the Brazilian and this is also because Brazil has lost all the players that were just lovely to watch.
    With a really emotional Mueller and a rather cool minded Klose and Lahm Germany does not have players that do magic in terms of tricks and surprise but they play solid and successful.
    I am sorry for what the Brazilian "disaster-team" from the semi-final is now facing (get it together media) but that does not mean that 7:0 goals rolled into their net by accident, magic or cheating.

    1:0 was partly luck. Everything afterwards was a total inability to "pull yourself together".

  • Germany is Better at Soccer than Brazil

    While history may show otherwise, the results of the world cup semi-final clearly show that Germany is better than Brazil at this point in time. Regardless of players who were out with injuries, the skill of the team is based on how they play as a whole, and the recent game shows that Germany is better on both defense and offense.

  • Germany is the best

    I think that nowadays, German football is just the best football in the world, and their national team has had a remarkable performance during the 2014 Fifa World Cup. They have plaid a very solid football and they have overcome the difficulties that come from playing in a tropical environment.

  • They are obviously better

    I mean this was the world cup, Brazil being one of the best at soccer wouldn't just "give the win" to Germany for no reason, i mean its pretty clear that Germany is better because they got seven points and Brazil only got 1 point, like Germany just crushed Brazil like a bug, probably because of the will and strength of Germany!

  • Brazil Has a Neymar, Germany has a team.

    Brazil is the heart of football, and anyone who thinks of football first thinks of brazil, but that is the problem. Brazil has the largest fanbase, so looking cool and showing off would be the best way to get more fans, so solo effort is good, but Germany is a teamwork base.

  • Germany dominates Brazil

    The scoreboard never lies. The 7-1 beat down that The German soccer team laid on the Brazilians was one of the most astonishing ever seen in World Cup competition. The level of play wasn't close as the Germans took complete control of the match from the beginning whistle. The better team won and proved it's superiority this time.

  • Yes, Germany is a better team than Brazil in the World Cup.

    This is a case of letting the scores speak for themselves. In the semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup 2014, Germany trounced Brazil 7 to 1. Some point to the absence of some of Brazil's key players - such as Neymar due to injury - as the reason for the team's loss. They assert that had Brazil's full roster been playing the semi-final match, Brazil would have prevailed. Football is a team sport. If the absence of one single player breaks a team, then that team lacks depth. The absence of a few players cannot defend the assertion that Brazil is the "true" better team that just happened to lose on that day. The better team is the one that wins. On the day of the semi-final between Germany and Brazil, that team was Germany.

  • That Was Just A Warm Up

    Totally gave it to them. We were just warming up and as you should know Brazil is much better than Germany even though we lost! I for one think that we can play a lot better than we did. Once again I know that we are better than Germany. So there!

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