World Cup Brazil: Will Brazil ultimately be a good host for the World Cup?

  • Brazil good World Cup hosts

    Brazil are doing a good job already of hosting the World Cup and there is no reason why they should not carry on doing so. They seem prepared for the event and seem keen to host the event properly and spectacularly. Time will tell, but it seems that they have all the makings of a good host country.

  • Yes, Brazil is a beautiful and developed nation.

    I believe that Brazil will prove a good host for the World Cup, because it is a quickly-growing nation with a strong economy and rich culture. Brazil's soccer team is also world-renowned, and the country has a great passion for the sport, which leads me to believe that its people will be commited to providing a welcoming and memorable experience for those who come to see the games.

  • As good as anyone.

    Yes, Brazil will ultimately be a good host for the World Cup, because they have done a good job putting the infrastructure in place. It will also be good practice for them in the lead up to the Olympics. Brazil has the same event planners that they have in any country, for something like this.

  • Brazil only cares about how they are percieved

    I can't say that a place is good, when they have displaced thousands of people for the World Cup. There are people starving and dying because of how Brazil wants to be looked at. Not even taking in the fact that there is massive flooding all over. They are not concerned with their citizins. It is no place that I would ever want to be.

  • A developing country

    Brazil is one of developing country, should be wise to put on their income for build a Brazil become a developed country and fulfill the society right, and repair whole the infrastructure,being a host for international event in a developing country is not good idea, just Brazil did, in FIFA

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