World Cup Cameroon Fighting: Should teams be penalized for fighting on the field?

  • Unsportsmanlike behavior should be penalized.

    Sports are full of possible role models for children. When they are seen fighting on the field it affects everyone. I don't like the fact that we put our sports stars on a pedestal, but as long as we do we need to make sure that they are good representatives of our society.

  • Yes, they should be penalized.

    They should be penalized for fighting. They should know how to conduct themselves on the field. They are men and should not be fighting with each other. It is a game and should be fun and not be a fight with each other. They are serious because they want to win but there is no need to fight.

  • They represent their country.

    Yes, teams should be penalized for fighting on the field, because it is important to set a good and professional tone with the world cup, even if the fighting is only internal. It will decrease the incidents of fighting during the games, because the teams will know that it jeopardizes their chances.

  • Fighting in Soccer?

    I believe that fighting in soccer gives better rating than just normal boring soccer. If they let fights happen like they do in hockey, popularity of the game would sky rocket in to space. I also believe if they fought it out on the field they wouldn't fight off the field.

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