World Cup Controversy: Was US Team Manager Klinsmann wrong to exclude Landon Donovan from the team?

  • Klinsmann Wrong On Donovan

    Klinsmann made the wrong choice when he decided not to have Landon Donovan as a member of the US team. Landon Donovan is a proven player that has performed very well in many games throughout his career, including for the US team. Despite some key errors in important situations he's made he still would have been a valuable asset.

  • Landon Donovan is an amazing soccer player.

    Klingsmann shocked the world with this decision. Not including Donovan on the USA World Cup team makes absolutely no sense. He hold the record for the most scoring man in USA Soccer, and he has experience at the event. It seems like there is a personal issue as to why he was placed on the team.

  • He had do make a team.

    No, US Team manager Klinsmann was not wrong to exclude Landon Donovan from the team, because he is the team manager, and we have to trust that he is going to make the right decisions for the team. Klinsmann is a proven manager; I would trust his judgment more than I would trust the average person.

  • Managers make decisions for their Team

    From an outside perspective, many managerial decisions come across as unfair or unjustified. However managers generally contemplate for a long time and base their decision on creating the perfect working dynamic for the entire team. Unfortunately, the majority of the team is more important to look at than the skills of one individual. If Landon Donovan was not deemed to be suitable within that team, then we cannot question the decision the manager has made without knowing the full reasons behind it.

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