World Cup - Italy v Costa Rica: Does delicious Italian Gelato give the Italians an edge when it comes to sports?

  • I would work harder for delicious gelato.

    Yes, delicious Italian Gelato gives Italians an edge when it comes to sports, because Italian Gelato is delicious. If I were an athlete in Italy, I would train harder just so that I could eat delicious gelato. The Italians make the best ice cream in the world. It is definitely worth the extra exercise.

  • Gelato and Soccer is always a winning combo!

    What could be better than a field full of fit, muscular men playing soccer? Watching them play with a delicious cup of gelato in hand! Just as Soccer, or football as the rest of the world calls it, being one of the most popular sports across the globe, gelato is becoming a global favorite treat across the globe. Sports and treats are always a winning combination! Thanks Italy!

  • All Fans Love a Tasty Treat

    Although the gelato isn't related directly to the success of Italian players, the amazing gelato of Italy is a great attraction to come to Italian games. The increase of attendance, but mostly the great increase in number of concession sales makes Italian clubs much more popular and prosperous. The increase in popularity fills Italian children with a love for sports, making many of them want to become sports players. Many of these children will then exhibit a lot of effort at becoming great at sports, giving the Italians a decisive advantage when it comes to international sports.

    Posted by: 1CRK
  • Dedication is Key

    When athletes perform well, people are often quick to jump and see what kind of wonder diet they are on that is giving them the edge. The truth is that perform well, do so because of all the hours of hard work and dedication they put into their sport. Ice cream is not what wins them the world cup, practise is.

  • No Teams Success is Based on Ice Cream

    Although the food is delicious, there is no doubt in my mind that it has no influence on the game or the way it is played. The footballers likely have a strict diet with high protein and aren't even allowed to eat gelato! It's a nice thought, but not a likely one!

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