• "Who Cares"? This Guy...

    Everywhere on social media, I keep hearing the same thing when it comes to soccer (ahem, Football) as a sport; most of my friends don't care much for the sport, let alone have no interest in the teams and players. And I see many more people talk about a tie result, which is somewhat common, but it's not the end result that I care about. The anticipation of not knowing what to expect is what draws me to the sport.

    Posted by: S.K
  • I don't see why not.

    Everyone who says that soccer is boring, or soccer is this or that has clearly never watched it. I didn't watch soccer much before this world cup, but now I can't get enough of it. I don't think we should have to watch it, but I think we really should get more involved and stop being ignorant.

  • I don't agree that Americans should get more into the World Cup.

    American should not HAVE to get more into the World Cup. If they enjoy watching soccer then by all means get more into the World Cup. It is nice to see patriotic fans rallying around and celebrating the win of their home team. But their intensity of support shouldn't effect the outcome of a game.

  • No, I don't think we need to.

    While it would be nice for the US Soccer team to get more support from the American people, I don't believe we need this to be done. We have a lot more sports than other countries that the American people love to root for including basketball, football, hockey and baseball. Soccer is the main sport in other countries and therefore it makes sense for those countries to have a bigger fan base for their teams.

  • Not "should," but there's no reason not to

    I don't think Americans specifically need to get more into the World Cup to match the excitement from other countries. However, there's no reason for people to avoid the World Cup either. It's an exciting world event, like the Olympics but even bigger, and we should be a part of that excitement if we want to!

  • We Aren't Interested

    There are Americans that are interested in the World Cup but for those that aren't, we probably never will be. It takes a lot of effort for me to care about American football and I'm not really into sports much at all in the first place. Soccer, the World Cup, things of that nature, simply aren't important to me and I don't feel a need to "get more into something," that I simply don't care about.

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