World Leaders are calling for the decriminalization of drugs, is this the right move?

  • Yes, the decriminalization of drugs is the right move.

    Yes, the decriminalization of drugs is the right move because it prevents too many people from going to jail for petty crimes. People who do drugs will get them somehow. By decriminalizing them, the US can tax drugs and make a lot of money which will go toward schools and roads.

  • Yes, i agree.

    Yes, this is the right move. I strongly believe drugs should be decriminalized according to how the World leaders say. This is the right thing to do since they are experience and know the reason as to why the drugs should be decriminalized. This is because prohibition of drugs has had “little or no impact” on the rate of drug use.

  • No, decriminalizing drugs is not the right move

    No, decriminalizing drugs is not the right move. Drugs are detrimental to individual health as well as the well-being of our society. Decriminalizing them takes away from the seriousness of the substances and might lead individuals to use them thinking they were not harmful. Decriminalization also makes access to kids more prevalent which is not a good idea at all.

  • Not all drugs

    I am a very strong proponent to the legalization of marijuana, for both medical and recreational use. However, I don't think that ALL drugs should be legal. There are very serious side effects to drugs such as cocaine and heroin, and the meth problem is unbelievable right now. I support decriminalization of marijuana, but nothing else.

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