World War 3: Does the Microsoft Surface have a chance against the mighty Macbook?

  • Yes has the potential!

    Microsoft Surface definitely has the potential to compete against Macbook. It has great technology and I think is the first of it's kind that can really go against Macbook. The design is great and has a lot of room to grow and make a name for it's self while costing Macbook some customers.

  • They have different customers.

    I think the Microsoft Surface does stand a chance against the Macbook. The market is big enough for both to survive and do well because they appeal to different customers. The Microsoft Surface is aimed at customers who want to be able to run Windows software on a tablet, and to properly share data with a Windows desktop, Macbook customers do not want this, so they are not really competing against each other.

  • No, newer Microsoft products have done consistently poorly

    No, the Surface does not have a chance against the Macbook. Apple has proven themselves time and time again to be the leader in the mobile, tablet, and laptop market. Apple's products are known for being especially useful for art/music composition and will always appeal to people in those fields. Microsoft's entries into the laptop/mobile market have been met with mixed reviews and I don't see that changing anytime soon. Microsoft will have to design something truly intuitive before they can compete with Apple.

  • No it does not.

    While the Macbook is now the trending fad Microsoft has always been a key performer in the computer world. It is alright to share the spotlight sometimes but you always rely on the tried and true. There is no doubt that Microsoft will come out with something simply amazing very soon.

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