• Your mom gae

    She kisses other men, And that is gae becus men are born from a womens v-j and that is gae. And there is 30 more wrods fjfj ffj f s fkf cnjksnd vsklf bkjnjkfjlds hkchv shjbjs sk bjv jkvhsi s hfkss sb j sihsd bvd bbjcbjv bfdhk csjksk ks h

  • I'm a boah but no

    No, World War Z was a meh movie and i feel like it'll be just as bad as a game imo, We're also getting day's gone and that'll probably have more of a personality than World War Z and as for left 4 dead it's a classic i don't think the 2 games are comparable.

  • I am new to opinions.

    I believe that L4D will last longer than WWZ, Because WWZ isn't on steam. Here are 30 more random words. A KJSKDfkjs alkdlkasdjfklasjldkfjlk jksajdofjlak js asdjfl ajsdkl lakjsljalksdf jal asd lfal ksdlfkal sd lfal dlfs lkdflasjdf asdfkjasldkjflak jsdflkjas f sdkjfj f f f d a sdfj a sdf a asijfdaj

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