World wildlife population down 58 percent in 40 years: Should more be done to preserve wildlife?

  • They are dying.

    Imagine if a guy with a chainsaw destroyed your house. You would feel bad.Well that is how animals feel. So that is why we should save habitats.Also if we don't we will loose oxygen. Finally if we remove animal habitats all of the animals from that habitat will come to our habitats.

  • Yes, Save the Animals.

    The wildlife population keeps shrinking as we continue to build and industrialize sparse areas. These poor animals have nowhere to go and are dying off. We need to focus on campaigning for awareness for these animals and help preserve the species. Perhaps relocation could be a possibility to place these animals in wilder areas.

  • More should be done to preserve wildlife.

    With the mass destruction of natural habitats, and people hunting wild animals for sport/profit, now is the time to act and preserve wildlife. Governments around the world should be doing more to help preserve these animals. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be a priority, and we risk the danger of more and more animals becoming extinct in the coming years.

  • That is quite a decrease.

    Efforts to save our planet's wildlife need to be increased and scientists need to figure out a way to increase the wildlife population in a decreasing area. The natural habitat of all other species except humans is going to keep on decreasing and the scientists need to find a way to work around this problem.

  • Human beings are destroying the world.

    Not only does the incredible loss of the world's wildlife do humankind a great disservice by removing some of the richness of this planet, it can also have consequences for our human beings live their lives. Devastating the natural ecosystem can have knock effects, leading to catastrophes like crop failure and the spread of disease as vermin populations swell.

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