World's oldest man dies at age 111: Would you want to live to be over 100 years old?

  • Yes so that you can be a testimony.

    The more I can live spreading the Truth the more people will be saved by Grace...And it's always amazing when someone lives that long, so if I live to be over 100 than I'd be AMAZING! Old people are cute and funny!!! If I suffer it doesn't matter because everyone dies somehow !

  • Long life the ultimate goal

    Surely everyone wants to live a long life, after all why else are we here? Living to over 100 year old means that you have had the chance to experience everything you can and to have seen so much and experienced so many changes over a century must surely leave memories to be treasured.

  • Just try to live a happy life.

    Well, I want to live happy. If I know that my life is a hassle for somebody else and I keep bothering people by my existence; of course I won't want to live. I don't think it has any thing to do with oldness or youth, when ever you think that you disturb someone else life by your existence that means you are dead. Live as long as you are happy and can communicate with people.

  • Yes, I would like to live to 100 years old plus.

    Yes, I would like to live to be over 100 years old. Modern medicine has made it possible to comfortably live a very long life and I look forward to living to a ripe old age. As long as I was reasonably healthy and did not have dementia, I would like to live to 100 years of age and beyond.

  • Id rather not.

    I would personally rather die around seventy at the latest. Once you hit sixty your body starts to shut down. Become either a burden to your family or just end up being treated poorly in an old folks home. You also get to watch all your loved ones die. A.

  • No one wants to live to be over 100 years old.

    Although many people want to have a long life, quality is just as important as quantity. Many people who live into extreme old age do not have a good quality of life. They are not healthy and they cannot do the things that they used to enjoy. They might also end up being a burden to their families.

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