• Does it really matter?

    The new Challenger SRT Hellcat is a muscle car it is meant to go fast, show off, and be enjoyed. As well, the challenger is such amazing car because of its features and speed and thats that. Besides 22mpg is not all that bad for a muscle car. Also it is a lot better than past models mpg ratio.

  • The fact that Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat get 22 mpg convinces me.

    A 707 HP muscle car that gets 22 mpg is a dream car for the average middle aged man. The $60,000 price tag is hundreds of thousands of dollars cheaper that the other cars in its performance class. If I could afford $60,000 for a car I'd be at my Dodge dealer tomorrow.

  • No freaking way!

    If I got the Hellcat, I would want $1,000,000 a day to pay for gas. But it would still be pretty fun to drive around, though. It would need about 80 mpg, yet I still wouldn't get it because I would need to pay soooooo much for gas and it would need a lot of mods. So I say I wouldn't buy it because of 22mpg on this Hellcat.

  • No and nether should anyone else.

    This shows how irresponsible auto makers are. Low gas mileage vehicles have no place in a responsible society. It doesn't take 700 HP+ to move at most, four people from point A to point B. Basically, anyone who purchases a vehicle such as this is aiding big oil and hurting our environment.

  • Gas mileage is important to me.

    In a world where there are limited resources, and we are not tapping the resources that we should be I.E. solar energy, MPG is very important. When choosing a vehicle, I would rather it receive higher mileage over looks or speed any day. The more mileage a car receives, the longer I can go on one tank using less of our valuable non renewable resources.

  • No frikkin way

    I don't need a super fast, super powerful car. Most of the people I know, actually ALL of the people that I know, don't need it. Why is this even on the market for the public? It sounds dangerous, 22 mpg is not that great of gas mileage, and this is just asking for speeding tickets and car wrecks.

  • No. It would not convince me to buy the new Challenger Hellcat.

    22 MPG is still well below what good gas mileage is considered today. Most SUV's are getting above this amount. The Challenger SRT Hellcat is a muscle car that serves no purpose other than for men, and some women, to look at and say "wow" or "cool." It's not a functional or practical car at all.

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