Would a $15 an Hour Minimum Wage be a Good Thing for the USA?

Asked by: stschiffman
  • Yes it would

    Back in the 40's and 50's, employees got payed 25$ a hour, plus health insurance, and a retirement plan, the only difference is that companies are making EVEN MORE TODAY!
    So this would HELP the economy, and companies would only e giving back a FRACTION of what they stole since the 60's.

  • It's nearly impossible to live off of current wage.

    It is extremely hard for somebody with a criminal background to get a serious job these days, so the only thing some people can do is get a minimum wage job. Often times you cannot live off of today's standards, so some people in that situation have no choice but to go back to crime. However, some people who think this is bad idea state that prices would skyrocket, which would be bad for us. Well, according to ThinkProgress, the Big Mack, which is 3.99 now, would 'skyrocket' to 4.16. That would literally only hurt people who cant eat Big Macs for all 3 meals.

  • More Jobs, More Productivity, Less Poverty

    To afford a one-bedroom apartment at the current minimum wage, you would have to work 70-80 hours a week. That is unacceptable. Raising the minimum wage would life 4 million people out of poverty, including single mothers with children. It is fair to the working class people who make pennies while big corporations walk away with billions.

    Raising the minimum wage would also allow for a better redistribution of tax dollars. Most minimum wage workers living on their own today rely on government welfare and food stamps because they simply cant afford basic necessities at $7.25 an hour. Raising the wage would lift these people off government programs and save billions of tax dollars.

    The negative effects of raising the wage are grossly over exaggerated. Prices at places like Walmart and such would only rise by about 1-2%. These companies make too much money for the wages of their lowest paid workers to have a significant effect. This is a different story for smaller businesses, but it clear that paying workers more makes more productive workers, and so costs would not be affected greatly. Costco, perhaps the fastest growing groceries company in America, pays itd= floor workers more than $20 an hour and yet is experiencing exponential growth.

    Jobs would actually be created, not destroyed, by raising the minimum wage. Raising the wage gives people more disposable income to spend on stuff. Money is shuffled through the economy rather than dormant in the bank accounts of the 1%.

    Raise the minimum wage.

  • It Would Hurt the Economy

    What I find truly sad is that if I told people firefighters, paramedics, and even enlisted soldiers get less than fifteen dollars an hour, they would not care, but once you tell people some guy mopping the floor at McDonald's or putting away shopping carts at the grocery store gets less than fifteen dollars an hour, people lose their minds.

    But more to the point, a fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage would do more harm for the economy than it would do good. Why?

    1. Prices would go up. If businesses have to start paying their employees more, the price of pretty much everything goes up, essentially hurting consumers like yourself.
    2. More people get laid off and less people get hired. If employees become too costly to keep around, business will hire less of them and lay off the ones they do have. Is it worth it for some people to make a little more money if that costs other people their jobs?
    3. It will lead to more business resorting to machines. This one kind of ties in to #2, how business will hire less people if the minimum wage gets higher. Well, they are pressured to get even more jobs by using machines to do work that a human would cost too much to do.

    Overall, if you ask me, $8 should be the highest minimum wage EVER gets, not a penny higher than $8.

    For more reasons and examples of why minimum wage hurts the economy, click the link below.


  • The company isn't a handout organization.

    A job is a contract between person and company, the government shouldn't have its fingers in that when it comes to what payment the person gets. A job should be worth its work required, and 15 dollars everywhere is simply unfair. It isn't jobs that should dish out more money, it's the country that should lower taxes and prices on essential existential material like food and clothing.

    Posted by: pH-7

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