• Lack of job prevention

    Unemployement has a very high rate in our country.So it would be beneficial to our society whereby it will create more shifts which means more job creation,it can reduce working over time and give others time to have family time.4-6 hour are more beneficial to the society support is needed.

  • Not Good For The Economy

    I would personally love to have a 4-6 hour workday. I think it would be better for society as a whole because people may not be in the rush they currently are in. This would drastically damage the economy however, since people would not make as much money. Sadly, there are people who are stuck in jobs with these kinds of hours, but it leaves them in poverty.

  • Yes, it brings balance.

    People do not necessarily work harder or better just because they work longer hours. If people worked a good 6 hour day and were not feeling as if they had to miss out on their personal and family life in order to earn a living, then there would be a balance that would benefit everyone.

  • No, some jobs would not get done

    A 4-6 hour workday would be ideal for workers with dull assembly
    line jobs, or for those who cannot quit jobs they dislike, or get away from
    bosses they hate. However, some jobs can take more than four hours to complete.
    Surgeons, astronauts, divers, childcare workers and many more, could not reasonably
    get their jobs done in four hours. Also those who live in the suburbs would be
    unhappy if their commute was longer than the hours they worked for pay.

  • No not really

    I think that people should be able to work however long they want. For some people a 4-6 hour work day would be the best. But for most people I think that they would need to work much more hours to be able to provide for their families or even just themselves.

  • Yes and No

    I think that in some cases, having a 4-6 hour work day would be beneficial. I think it depends on the job and it depends on the person though. I think it would be beneficial to have 10-12 hour work days too. I think that it all depends on the person. I think there should be more freedom to choose work hours. I would gladly work 12 hour days, without overtime pay, so I could have more days off in a row. I think that how many hours you want to work will depend on your need for money.

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