Would a ban on cell phones in cars be enforceable?

  • Does the sun rise in the east?

    Of course cell phone regulation can be enforced! Like many posts here say - police can simply pull over and ticket drivers seen holding a phone to their ear or a blue tooth, etc. It's the same as enforcing seat belt and drunk driving laws. No law is 100% effective - not possible with human beings! But if we had no drunk driving laws, no seat belt laws and no cell phone laws, would more drivers drive drunk, without seat belts and distracted? I doubt the many people would argue in the negative. Some might argue that they have the right to make driving more dangerous for themselves - but they don't have the right to make it more so for others. Driving laws and regulations are for the safety of everyone.

  • A ban on cell phones in cars would be easily enforceable, though not necessarily effective.

    A ban on cell phones in cars could be enforced easily. If a police officer sees someone talking or texting on a cell phone while driving, then that officer could pull the car over and write a ticket. There's nothing that would make this difficult to enforce. However, it would only cut down on cell phone usage in cars slightly, and it wouldn't be an ideal use of law enforcement's time, in my opinion.

    Posted by: TwoVic
  • Yes, because technology can do most of the work in enforcing it.

    If the answer relies totally on human resources, then no, a ban would be hard to totally enforce. However, technology can be developed where the law enforcement official can detect active connections. It would likely look like a radar gun. Wireless systems are easy to hack. So, they should be easy to detect with the right hardware, if developed.

    Posted by: MarriedRudy
  • It is enforceable, like any other traffic law, but not a good idea.

    Police officers could be on the lookout for anyone using a cell phone, pull them over, and give them a fine. However, what if it is an emergency call that someone is making, or receiving or a call from their child or spouse at home? The time it would take away from other police work makes me question whether or not it is worth it.

    Posted by: CeIIoBurke
  • Yes, a ban on cell phones in cars would be enforceable, because cell phones are easily spotted by police.

    The idea that a cell phone ban in cars is unenforceable has no truth behind it. Having a cell phone to your ear is something that police can easily spot, especially on non-highway roads. If people started being ticketed for cell phone usage, usage would drop off pretty quickly. Though it would be hard for police to enforce a ban on hands-free cell phones, because they are not as easy to spot. But this is not how most people use their cell phones.

    Posted by: PreciousMiguel78
  • Yes a ban on cell phones in cars would be enforceable, because the police could just pull you over when they see your phone or the blue tooth in your ear.

    Yes, a ban on cell phones in cars would be enforceable, because the police could just look for you using your phone or bluetooth. This law is in effect in some cities right now. It would be enforceable, similar to the seat belt law. I am not saying this would be a good law, only that it is and could be an enforceable law. Of course, there are people who would break this law, because all laws are broken at one time or another.

    Posted by: MycCra2ii
  • Yes, it is enforceable

    Cell phone manufacturers may be required to shut off the phone/text capability if a certain speed (say 10 mph) is exceeded. Using the internal GPS, this would be possible. I hear that SPRINT is already working on it with their suppliers.

  • Yes, a ban on cell phones in cars is enforceable, however not easily achieved.

    Banning cell phone use in cars is a logical and realistic step in protecting the safety of all drivers. It has been done in many states, however it is only effective when the drivers violating are caught by the police. Individuals will continue to use their cell phones while driving if the risk of getting caught and the punishment are both minimal.

    Posted by: danielleduce
  • i think that cell phone use should be band .

    because if a cell phone is more important than your life you dnt deserve to live.

  • A ban for cell phones in cars should and can be enforced.

    Many people talk and text while driving. This is a very bad practice that is creating huge risks and very bad accidents.
    A ban on cell phone speaking and texting while driving, if enforceable, will help to decrease the number of accidents and will help to give a safer environment to the communities.

    Posted by: l0olllooi
  • No,a ban on cell phones in cars would not be enforcable.

    It would be very hard to enforce a ban on cell phones in cars,Cell phones are becoming so small and sophisticated it may be quite challenging for officers of the law to detect whether or not a driver is using a cell phones.There are also ways to use a cell phone without a headset at all.

  • I do not think enforcing a cell phone ban in cars will work.

    It would be hard to enforce a ban on cell phones in a car for more than one reason. More than just drivers use cell phones inside a car. There would have to be some type of radar to detect the cell phones. It would be hard to take cell phones away from people just because they entered a car. It takes away too much of a person's freedom to ban the use of a cell phone anywhere.

    Posted by: DistinctJamar63
  • A ban on cell phones in car would not be enforceable, because there is no way enforcement could regulate it.

    Cell phones were created in the first place for people on the move to be able to communicate from anywhere. The only way they could enforce it is to search your car for a cell phone, in the same way they do with drugs. But, this would defeat the purpose of the cell phone, seeing as you can take it anywhere with you. This would be incredibly idiotic and would make me ashamed of our country.

    Posted by: AnnoyedDong77
  • No, since there are so many ways for people to disguise their use of cell phones, you couldn't enforce this.

    The more that technology for wireless devices increases, the smaller the devices become. While enforcing a ban against cell phones would be doable in some cases, eventually, the technology would be exceedingly small and not easily seen by law enforcement officials. Also, if someone were pulled over they could easily put their cell phone away before the officer got to their window.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • No I disagree because it is not possible.

    I disagree because even if a law is passed against using cell phones while driving how can any one detect it if someone is using a handsfree set? Since those are not seen it would be nearly impossible to detect.

    Posted by: KI3JoIIy
  • A cell phone ban would be unenforceable because it is hard to notice.

    A cell phone ban would be like a seat belt law; you could only enforce it if there was another infraction, such as speeding or a broken taillight. It would be very hard to notice if someone was using a cell phone from the distance the police park away from the side of the road. But, if there was another issue like speeding, it would be easy to ask the driver to see their cell phone history, if they hadn't deleted it.

    Posted by: Pyr0Dwa
  • I do not believe that a cell phone ban in cars would be enforceable because many people are addicted to their cell phones.

    Although I believe that a ban on cell phones in cars unless they are parked would be desirable, it would be very hard to enforce with the huge number of vehicles on the road. When driving around in my car, it appears that many, many people are addicted to their cell phones. Only in cases of true emergency do I feel that talking on a cell phone while driving is acceptable. Too many accidents have already been caused by this. I think it is really sad that people need to be connected by phone every minute of their waking hours.

    Posted by: R0d0Ferdy
  • It is not enforceable, because it is not possible to see someone using a cell phone at high speeds.

    I think it would not be enforceable. It is very hard for the police to catch someone using a cell phone behind the wheel. The dangers of using cell phones while driving is well known, but implementing it successfully can never be possible. It is very hard to see what people are doing when driving at high speeds. This is the main reason of the enforcing problem. People may drop their phones when they see a police car and start using them after the police car has gone. I think many people do this. The best thing to do is raise the public awareness with ads and videos.

    Posted by: N4rrGet
  • No I do not believe that complete bans on cell phones are enforceable. The size of the task is just too large to even begin to provide reasonable enforcement.

    I do not believe that a complete ban of cell phone usage is enforceable. The task is just too great and I believe the desire to use cell phones by drivers is also too great. It would be better to try and find an alternative to a complete ban such as requiring hands free devices for those who want to use a cell phone than to just try and ban them outright. Enforceability really requires the cooperation of the general public because the police could be overwhelmed by the size of the task if they had to enforce an outright ban on cell phone usage.

    Posted by: TasticBran
  • A ban of cell phones in cars would be very hard to enforce. Patrolman, or police officers, can not really see if the driver is using a cell phone if they have a hands off phone.

    With the sophistication of cell phones, the person driving the car would have to be really noticeable using the phone. Using the hands off phones, or probably in the future built-in phones, would be hard to detect. And proving the driver was using the phone would be extremely difficult it seems to me. A photo would be the best evidence.

    Posted by: BMaritza

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