• Yes it would.

    Guns do result in more suicides because of the fact that suicide is often an impulse action. If you make it harder for someone to kill themselves then they probably won't, since it only takes a few minutes for whoever wanted to kill themselves to talk themselves out of it. It is shown that including suicide railings on the side of bridges not only reduced suicide on the bridge, but suicide overall. The same for coal stoves in England. England used coal for their stoves, so it was a preferable way to kill yourself. When coal stoves became less popular, not only did the method of suicide decrease, but national suicide levels went down by a third. The same can be applied to guns.

  • Suicide is usually impulsive

    If everyone had easy access to a gun, suicide rates would skyrocket! Killing yourself with a gun is quick, easy and painless so, obviously, it would be the first thing a suicidal person would go to. Furthermore, if someone truly wanted to commit suicide they would either way but, I believe, a majority could be avoided if they didn't have such an accessible means of death.

  • Yes. Being suicidal involves impulsive moments.

    I dealt with being suicidal a few years back. Some nights would seem unbearable under my severe depression and thoughts cluttering in my head. I'd try to use a knife a few times, but failed because it was difficult to do the amount of damage I would have had to. With a gun, all you have to do is pull a trigger and it's over.
    Of course, a ban on guns would not eliminate them from existing, but any decrease in numbers of guns would more likely than not decrease suicide numbers.

  • Yes. But by how much?

    Several studies have shown links between the suicide rate and gun rates. But the link is usually reasonably weak. One interesting statistic is that the Israeli military stopped allowing soldiers to bring their guns home and the weekend suicide rate plummeted without an increase in weekday suicides. I warn we are dealing with a relatively small sample size but accurate and dramatic changes.

    Unless someone has some good reason that having a bunch of effective killing machines around would reduce suicides it must be assumed that they do in fact increase suicides. The magnitude may be small or large but it is hard to see how guns would reduce suicides and easy to see how easy access to guns would increase suicide therefore they probably increase suicide.

  • Probably, suicidal people are lazy

    Like seriously, if guns were hard to get then a lot of people thinking of committing suicide would likely chicken out, since most people want to go out as quickly and painlessly as possible. There arent many means of quickly killing yourself that dont involve a fair level of pain, so banning guns would likely lower rate of suicide since people who do want to kill themselves almost always want to do so quickly and painlessly, something only guns can provide

  • Yes. Suicide usually impulsive

    Guns make suicides much, much easier than it'd otherwise be. A lot easier to pull a trigger than to cut deeply enough in the neck to bleed out (cutting the wrist rarely kills as most don't cut properly), or to successfully poison yourself, or even to hang yourself. Those take more planning and more determination. Meanwhile, suicide by firearm requires only two things, owning a gun (about 35% of American households say they have a gun http://www.Nytimes.Com/2013/03/10/us/rate-of-gun-ownership-is-down-survey-shows.Html?Pagewanted=all) and a moment of overwhelming despair. Its a all too common occurrence http://www.Hsph.Harvard.Edu/news/magazine/guns-and-suicide/. Half of all suicides are by firearm http://www.Cdc.Gov/nchs/fastats/suicide.Htm . 19,000 of 38,000 per year

  • No. If someone wanted to kill himself, he'd do it anyways.

    The image used for the thing shows a girl hanging, first of all...

    Suicide may be an impulse action, but over time, they will still end up killing themselves. There are many impulse-applicable ways to kill yourself. Guns aren't the only way someone with an impulse can kill himself.

    Now another issue is this... The person intends to KILL himself. I do not believe they give a rats a$$ if the gun they use is legal.

  • A false sense of security at best is what you'll get.

    I think suicide is more of an environmental issue. People normally commit suicide because they feel like there is no way out, sometimes the person is mentally ill while others are bullied or harmed, while others are abused within the family, while for some its mentors that have abused them. Its bad to say but guns don't kill people, however not getting help where there needs to be does. Whether that help is actually helpful remains debatable, suicide cannot be prevented if the other person doesn't want help or doesn't seek it, or if the very people that the suicidal person seeks are suppose to help but are not... It is not preventable in either situation either way. There are other ways to commit suicide rather than guns, there is jumping, there are cars, there is poison, there are knives, there is suicide by people (legal suicide,) there are other weapons. A ban on guns wouldn't do anything but create tensions within people. Good people have guns to, bad people can get a hold of guns either way, its fairly easy to get a gun off the street if you know where to look and that is already illegal but its still fairly easy to get a hold of an unmarked weapon. People do it every day. So a ban is just really only a false sense of security. The fact of the matter is as population grows the more it becomes unmanageable, and that is certain truth.

  • Depends on what you mean.

    If by suicide rates you mean suicides via gun then yeah it probably would, if you take away the cause of that specific type of death then that specific type of death won't occur. However if we're talking about OVERALL suicides, then I doubt it'd have any real effect on the rates because of Japan, for those that don't know Japan has higher suicide rates than we do and not even close to the amount of weapons (guns) there. So would banning guns lower suicide rates? Not in a way that people would be satisfied with.

  • Possible But Not Probable ...

    If a person has already sank so deeply into the abyss of depression that they are considering suicide, they have already considered the ways in which they'd do it. A gun is only one option. If no gun is available, they will choose another method.

    I actually know a couple who lost their son to suicide, during the recession. He was a Tulane grad, with a degree in engineering. Straight out of college, he landed a good job. Then, in 2010, he lost it. In an effort to help him, they paid-off what remained of his student-loan debt. By the time his Savings ran out, he was diagnosed with depression. His father had actually borrowed (an excuse) the kid's hunting rifle in hopes of eliminating the risk of suicide. But one argument with his girlfriend slipped him over the edge. He walked into his garage and hung himself.

    Depression killed this young man. He had reached a point where he could no longer cope. Medication offered some help, but no guarantee. And a gun wasn't necessary to achieve his goal.
    A ban on firearms might prolong the inevitable, but it will not prevent it.

  • No, of course not.

    People will still find a way to kill their selves. There's lots of other ways. Banning guns would just make it a bit harder. Although, I think the numbers would go down a little. But It still wouldn't be that good of a rule. People will always find a way!

  • I don't think so

    If you ban guns it's not going to help. If a person decides to and plans on committing suicide and there is no successful intervention of any kind then that person will find a way to attempt, and possibly succeed at suicide. There will always be the option of illegal guns as well.

  • Didn't happen to Japan. So how now?

    In Japan; they had ban guns. But they had still had higher suicide rates than the USA. Just because we ban one problem doesn't mean the others will stop. But if we wanted to stop suicide, we would have to ban cars, rope, medicine, and so, so much more. That also goes if we wanna stop anything that we seem even more dangerous than guns.

  • No, it will certainly not.

    Those who are going to commit suicide are often not merely going off of an impulsive push as the only reason for the decision. Often, suicide is considered long in advance by the victims, often as a result of overarching feelings and issues, and it is not only some spontaneous "impulse" that causes this to occur. Guns are usually considered one of the quicker ways to kill oneself, and they are often shown as such in popular media, but even so, they are one of many quick and/or painless methods. Taking excessive amounts of drugs (especially with alcohol) will work just as easy, and even hanging oneself — if done correctly — is an equally quick and painless method, though most would think it would not be. These are but two methods of many.

    I understand people often point to statistics on the matter, but the statistical claims are always weak, usually noting that gun related suicides decrease, but overall suicides do not. This is a common mistake displayed in media articles that is quickly corrected if one decides to look at the study referenced, as they will quickly find the study only notes a change in the type of suicide method, but not the overall suicide rate. Another issue to note, is that since many suicides are pre-planned, though temporarily taking something away seems to provide results (such as through time based studies), the victims often choose to wait until they can do so instead, and if they cannot, they choose another method, which is not often noted in the studies.

  • No, it would not.

    Eliminating guns would lower suicide rates BY GUN. We wouldn't really reduce the total amount of suicides together. We would just simply change the mix of methods. There are so many other ways that people commit suicide. They can hang themselves, overdose on painkillers or other strong drugs, suffocate themselves, drown themselves, etc. But we're not getting rid of anything that someone may use to hang themselves or drown themselves with. Often suicide, as many people are saying, is an impulse action. Something triggers in someone's mind, and they want to end it. But it's not very likely that they just decided to kill themselves on the spot. Many people who have committed suicide have been planning on it for a while. Or they have had the suicidal thoughts for a while. Or have failed at suicide attempts before. Once it gets too much for them to bear, that's when they decide that they have had enough. The feelings start to build up inside of them, and they just snap. Now, I'm not saying this is for all cases, but in most cases. A lot of people just need someone to go to. We are so insensitive to the subject of suicide even when it's a real problem. We kind of taboo the subject. But it's a real thing that constantly goes on and we need to open our eyes, and be more aware of what others needs are. A lot of things that people commit suicide for are all solvable problems. They just need someone to help them realize that. They need to know that there is some kind of hope in this life. Although, a gun is a fast way out, there are many other ways out and eliminating guns would just eliminate one way.

  • No it would not

    Banning guns would not lower suicide rates because people will always find ways to end their life. There are also many other ways to kill ones self instead of a gun. Banning guns would just increase the amount of people dying in a more gruesome way. If you mean by banning guns would we reduce the amount of people using a firearm and killing themselves? Yes.

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