Would a class in computer hacking for beginners make high school students safer (yes) or at greater risk of committing crimes (no)?

  • Awareness of surroundings

    Students should be aware of their surroundings on the Internet, and children being raised in the digital age doesn't alone make us realize that it can sometimes be unsafe for us to put up all of our personal information out in the world, flowing freely, and that we are vulnerable at all times.

  • No, a computer hacking class would only enable peer driven crimes.

    No, a class for teaching hacking to a group of high school students would only make the crime of hacking profitable for more than just the hackers. Computer hacking should not be something that is so main stream that it is taught to high school students, who would do anything in order to impress their peers. If such a class were to exist it should only be allowed for college students who are looking to go into the IT business.

  • Greater risk for committing crimes.

    As much as I hate the bad wrap the teenagers always seem to get, generation to generation, the are an experimental bunch of people at an odd age. Were they given the knowledge to hack computers, I think many of them would try and wind up in some serious trouble.

  • It would certainly lead to some students committing computer crimes.

    High School students are usually curious, experimental, and mischievous in general. It's part of being young. If they are exposed to a computer hacking class, it is only natural that many are going to try out some of the techniques they learn about on their own. While most of this may be innocent, a lot will undoubtedly be malevolent.

  • Hacking is a crime and should not be taught.

    The only approach schools should take to computer hacking is one that would be similar to things like current anti-drug or anti-violence campaign that seek to remedy problems. It would not be wise to teach about hacking methods or glorify the act, but the reality of the new world must be faced, which is that these threats are real and need to be addressed.

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