Would a dog do better than president trump as president?

  • Trump is dumber than a dog

    Trump is dumber than a dog, Meaner than a dog, Stinkier than a dog, Dirtier than a dog, Poops on his lawn more than a dog and his wife who obviously loves slimy pigs like him must love picking up his poop from the whitehouse lawn. I'm sure she's proud of her ugly puppies only dumber!

  • All president bad

    I'm pretty sure my f***ing toy poodle would be a better president than any presidential candidate in most countries. Joe Biden and Trump would both easily get destroyed by my dog if he were to run as president. ITs not even close, Politicians are just all room temperature IQ 75-year-olds who don't know how to use a computer

  • My dog is superdog

    My dog flies around the world saving people that are in danger and everyone LOVES him. I would rather f**k him than trump XD. BTW my dog can 1v1 trump in Minecraft and win only using his dick. Like ngl his dick is as big as trumps belly man. If you disagree your gay.

  • Trump big bad

    Trump bad big noob and he bad president and he racist and he orange and he pdf file and he big bad noob and he is also a very bad person and if we give him four more years he will die as president and rot in that old crusty body he has

  • Respect the cats

    A cat would do better and here's why. They land on their feet, They poop in litter boxes instead of scattering around the backyard, They'll eat your dead body if they have to in order to survive, And finally, Miss Marvel's cat is out of this world so check that one out.

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