Would a dog make a better president than Donald Trump?

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  • Trump v Dog: Unfair to Don

    1. A dog would never talk in incomplete sentences,
    2. Dogs would not wear extra long ties,
    3. Dogs won't grab you by the pussy,
    4. Dogs never say something stupid,
    5. I'd rather be kissed by a dog,
    6. Dogs don't believe there were airports during Revolutionary War,
    7. Dogs have a larger vocabulary,
    8. Dogs kill offspring who are as dumb as Jr. Or Eric,
    9. Dogs are loyal and don't spend half of the time playing golf.

  • Trump is old and dumb.

    It is obvious that trump is a weird and dumb individual and dogs are man's best friend. Trump not as much. People think that trump is the best thing since fdr. Dogs understand humans and that is the most important thing because trump doesn't understand that. Dog's are the most intellectual animals and are smarter than donald trump. My dog knows over 3, 000 words. Dogs don't know how to drop a nuke. Trump is dump but dogs are smart and they are kind. Allowing us to have fun. SIGNED THE SMARTEST PERSON IN THE USA

  • A dog would make a much better president!

    Dogs are much more intelligent, kind, and empathetic than Donald Trump. My dogs probably understand more words in the English language than he does. Dogs have empathy and are not xenophobic, racist, or judgmental. A dog will not start a nuclear war. They are better at making decisions and acting logically than Trump is.

  • Woof woof woof

    Bark bark woof woof ruff bark pant pant gib crimea woof woof bark bark bark bark bark bark remove kebab bark bark ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff

    Signed, King Doge of all the Doge lords, long live the Doge repuppylic AD VICTORIAM

  • Dogs are cool

    Dogs never reach the minimum age to become president, but that's a shame. They are more mature, considerate and intelligent than Donald Trump is and are more deserving of this country. Donald is not nearly as qualified as the average dog. Dogs rock, Donald Trump should be dumped like the trash he is!

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