• But of Course Facebook Needs a Phone

    This topic for discussion is so absolutely ambiguous; it begs a dozen or so more questions all by itself. But in the spirit of the topic, Facebook most certainly should have a phone. Its own phone, or a phone that competes with Facebook’s media arch-rival “Twitter”, or a phone App, or who knows, but just for the sake of argument, I’m saying yes. I mean really now, with the maniacal explosion of Facebook as an Internet social media option, how could one not get onboard and support the idea of a “Facebook Phone”! So, if Facebook did have a phone, would messages be called “Facials”, to battle head to head with the “Tweets”?

  • Wouldn't be successful.

    No, I do not think that a Facebook phone would be successful. You can use Facebook on pretty much any device and Facebook having its own separate phone just seems silly. It is just too specific. A phone brand needs to be more broad than this. What would be next, a Twitter phone?

  • Strong footholds in the business

    The smartphone business is one of the most competitive around. We have seen large and powerful companies such as Microsoft fail at shifting the market in the west. We have seen former large players in the space such as RIM, now Blackberry, go from very controlling spot to a minor one. The Facebook phone will almost definitely fail to gain share in the western and I believe it is unlikely the Facebook phone will enjoy the success of windows phones in Africa due to lower percentage of Facebook users. Facebook is most popular in the west so therefore if it can't break the stronghold of Android and iOS then it is highly improbable to enjoy success elsewhere.

    Posted by: Worm
  • No, Facebook is already dying.

    Facebook has pretty much been self-destructing from within for the past few years now. The way they have renovated their website has not been very popular among a lot of its users. It seems that many people are already losing interest in Facebook. Making a phone would not strike an interest in most people anymore.

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