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A federal sales tax would only achieve the same thing that the current income tax does.

  While it sounds right on the outside, a tax such as this is really no better or different than an income tax. The income tax is figured on a progressive scale that has people who earn more paying a higher percentage than those earning less. Since richer people have more money, they obviously buy more stuff, and would, once again, pay more in taxes. Therefore, a tax like this would achieve nothing and look very underhanded and bad on our government's part.
Anonymous says2013-08-27T12:28:11.737
But it's not the same. Those from lower income brackets don't pay income taxes. They are exempt. But they do buy things. How many people have smart phones? They would be taxed on that. Plus you get value for the taxes you paid. In the current system, they take money from your paycheck. You have no idea what you actually received from that money. If I bought a set of golf clubs and paid taxes, at least I got some golf clubs. And if you choose not to spend (although people will with more disposable income) you could save more leading to long term growth.
annonatc says2013-10-06T13:52:43.640
Take for example how your wages are taxed. Your first roughly $10,000 goes untaxed, the next bracket of your income is taxed at 10%, the next is taxed at 15%... This means any earning from overtime, a second part-time job etc., are taxed at the highest bracket you fall into. You're getting punished by trying to get ahead. This wouldn't be the case in sales tax based system.
ADB says2013-11-19T14:11:28.213
You are making the incorrect assumption that the wealthy and corporations pay the maximum amount of their bracket when it has been shown time and time again that there are several loopholes. Additionally, there would be more people paying taxes i.E, undocumented workers and tourists. Lastly, a federal sales tax of 1% would more than cover what would be lost through the federal income tax due to the increase of people paying. And to refute your last statement, the only way the wealthy would pay more in taxes is if they were avoiding them previously. Get taxed 1% on goods vs. 35% on income. Please tell me how they would be taxed more again?
Bruce_Moncrief says2014-10-04T01:59:42.470
The tax system we have now only helps the rich with loop holes that they can afford accountants to find. They hid their money off shore. People from outside the USA who come here for vacation pay no income tax, but would pay sales tax, as would the illegal immigrant who works under the table and people involved in criminal activities. Also, you will find that every time you lower the sales tax, you stimulate the economy, increase jobs and pay, which increase spending that taxes the same money over and over again.
grizlbr says2015-02-09T22:12:49.933
If you can afford to spend the money you can afford the tax. Some states restrict the use of Food Stamps on Soda/Pop as it is not "Food". Works for me I drink Koolaid I add sugar amount I desire. I am being taxed, I choose at cash register rather than before I receive a pay check Indiana gets you even if you pay no Fed Income Tax. So you choose to allow Fed and States to get their money before you do unless you do not Earn Income? That seems to be what you are stating if you are against tax at the cash register, even with 0% earned income 20% is skimmed of f my disability check before I receive it is that fair? I can not even file a tax return I have no earned income. 20% tax on tobacco or alcohol will not effect me as I stopped being able to afford either ten years ago.
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