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A sales tax would not be more equitable than the federal income tax because it would hurt the poor the most.

  There are basic needs that every person, rich or poor, must have. To tax heavily the basic needs and services that everyone must purchase is to place an undue burden on the poor. Certain basic things would become completely unaffordable for those who didn't have much money. The rich and poor would basically be paying the same taxes, but it would cripple the poor while not affecting the richest. This is not a humane concept.
Anonymous says2013-04-06T15:17:39.197
But they have more money coming in because with a federal sales tax the federal income tax should be gotten rid of.
Anonymous says2013-05-18T19:53:20.970
An workable example is washington State, which omits basic necessities from taxation.
Anonymous says2013-07-12T14:03:42.517
Things would cost more, but more of your check would come to you. Today, people making a lot of money have many ways to get around taxes. With this in place, provided it applies to foreign transactions as well, would be much more fair.
psparks91 says2013-10-30T18:34:06.067
Taxes on food and such would remain mostly the same and most revenue would come from luxury consumer goods electronics, cars, etc... Thus taking advantage of our consumption based economy
ashleynitchals says2013-11-26T01:48:19.577
I am so sick of hearing about hurting the poor! They have the same ability to make it up the ladder as anyone else does.
Bruce_Moncrief says2014-10-04T01:54:16.130
Their will always be poor. Life is not fair. The rich thrive in the current tax system and the poor suffer. A small sales tax would bring about economic growth, which in turn brings jobs. Jobs bring greater income and balance out cost of tax. A flat tax removes sin tax, extra gas tax, and lowers the cost of goods. A good economy gives more pay because of lack of unemployed making businesses offer better wages to compete for employees. The only poor left are those who can not or will not work. Those who can not would receive food stamps, and those would not be taxed as they are today.
grizlbr says2015-02-09T21:49:55.537
For the record: I was security for the building IRS uses in Marietta. I just filed joint taxes first time in years; last two times Pr. Obama was giving away money! Write 'Stimulus' on top of 1040 sign your name total $1000! Did that work for ITN's also? Seems you can not file for Earned Income Credit if child has ITN meaning they are not a US citizen? Seems I recall 1000 Fraudulent tax returns being filed from 1 address in Atlanta, Ga. Totaling $2.2 Million Yet I have to wait to have my joint return audited as IRS leaked the SS# of persons that do not have to file, mine was used more than once until IRS & SSI decided to reduce my SSDI payment! At least when you pay Sales Tax you do not use your Social Security number!
My point: were 1000 stolen SS numbers or ITN used to defraud $2.2 million in tax returns in Atlanta ? I was retired in 1998 by a stroke according to Medicare regulations 8 months and 1 day! 20% of my SSDI is deducted before my check is processed, and two fraudulent returns were filed on my account so now I get audited. I would prefer to pay my tax in anonymously at cash register where I was asked for a state ID to purchase a money order to pay my rent? So am I being penalized because Indiana will not extradite to Mexico for any crime? I think I am as the person that made the statement knows he will not be shipped back even if caught driving without a DL or required auto Insurance. Will Mexican Gov educate Nationals how to take advantage of US new tax laws as they currently do for state Food Stamp programs?
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