Would a female president be good for the American image?

  • I absolutely think so.

    We Americans like to think that we live in a progressive society, and a great many of us are proud that we have finally elected a black president. Blacks are underrepresented in American politics, as are women. I think that having a female president would go a long way towards changing that, and towards encouraging more women to get involved in politics.

  • We could use a re-imaging.

    Over the years, we have had many rich white guys in power who secretly had an agenda, not to better The United States of America, but to further their own exploits (Bush). By having a woman as a president (Clinton), we could be looked at more as a supportive country instead of as an oppressive one.

  • My mind has changed

    I use to think that there is no way I would ever vote for a female for President, but my mind has changed quickly after watching these white Republican men trying to run things. They have no clue what is going on and don't seem to care, unless it will help their ratings.

  • It Would Be Good

    For years the United states only had white males as president. We recently changed that with Obama and it was great for our image. It showed that there is equality in this country. I think if we took it one step further with a female president, it would be a good thing too.

  • Women cannot be the face of america.

    That is why we have Uncle Sam. He is a guy and he has been the face of America ever since America was created. Look how long it took for women to get their rights. They had to have men help them get their rights. They cannot fight for themselves and they cannot handle the stress of being that popular.

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