• Many people still watch it.

    I have a lot of teenage friends that watch the show and there parents that watch it with them. I think it would do very well. Though there is a lot of people that watched it a long time ago if it was well advertise I think it will do better then people think.

  • Yes it would.

    If success means that fans would watch, than yes, it would be successful. Would it be well made? Would it be relevant? Would critics scoff at its lack of diversity? Those questions are yet to be answered, but it is clear that the nostalgia factor is high and people would like to see a reunion.

  • Yes, I do believe a Friends reunion show would be a success.

    Yes, I do believe a reunion of the NBC show Friends would be a success. The show Friends has a huge following and was one of the most successful sitcoms in television history. They have a very large following that would love to see where their beloved characters are today.

  • Yes, I think so.

    When the show ended, they were left in air, not knowing where to land. It was not just a successful show, it became the greatest of all. Also, while doing the show, none of them really quite explored other avenues. For Ten years, they were all just Joey, Chandler, Monica, Ross, Phoebe and Rachel. The entire world was so habituated to these names over the decade that the real names became hard to remember. No one was really ready to accept them as anyone else. Even to this day, Jennifer Aniston (who is mainstream actress in her own right) can’t skip or avoid at least one reference of FRIENDS on any talk show she goes. No matter which movie she is there for, and no matter whether its Jimmy Fallon or Kimmel, there is an odd question about FRIENDS reunion or about missing them or revisiting of set and stuff. We, as audience are still obsessed with FRIENDS characters.

  • Yes, a Friends reunion show would be successful.

    Yes, a Friends reunion show would be successful because it was one of the most popular shows of all time. The characters are timeless and represent so many different people. The show speaks to every generation since it began in the 1990s. TV producers should consider bringing it back on TV.

  • Not popular anymore.

    While Friends was a really good television show, that style of show is not as popular as it use to be, so the chances of it actually getting viewed is not as high. Plus those who are a fan of Friends mostly are grown up with jobs and their own families which leaves no time to watch a bunch of television.

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