Would a full withdrawal of all US troops from Afghanistan ultimately be a good thing (yes) or a bad thing (no) for that country?

  • A full withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan would be a good thing.

    A full withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan would be a good thing for that country.Sooner or later they are going to stand on their own as a country.As long asthe US has troops in the country there will be high levels of resentment from both within the country and without.Afghanistan just needs to begin protecting their own country.

  • Let them solve their own problems

    Afghanistan is going to be stuck between Taliban desires and Western demands until all American troops are gone. Only after that will the Karzai administration and local governors and tribal leaders be able to sit down and figure out a peace deal that they can live with, without anyone having to worry about American preconditions or demands.

  • They need it

    No country is ever going to fully develop and thrive when they have a big brother taking care of their business and ensuring order. Even if their are mild violent actions that happen as a result of a pullout, it is better in the long term because these country's are able to grow organically.

  • Could Be Good

    I believe a full withdrawal of all US troops from Afghanistan would ultimately be a good thing. Afghanistan needs to stand on it's own and America needs to concentrate on domestic issues. Afghanistan has the possibility of success just as much as they have the possibility of failure. We should leave.

  • It would be bad.

    I'm not saying that the USA should stay in Afghanistan or even that it is making it better, but no matter what happens, Afghanistan is in trouble because of the region of the world in which it sits. It's not neocon rhetoric that terrorists will seize control if the US withdraws.

  • They're screwed if we leave

    I would love for our troops to be able to come back, but in the past 20 years, we've seen that when America leaves, Al-Qaida or the Taliban reclaims that area and the condition of living is reverted back to the way it was before we got there. We should only leave when they have a capable, competent, and sizeable military that can deal with radical muslim terrorists.

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