Would a global catastrophe push humanity to embrace patriarchy again?

Asked by: Batmangeek75
  • Our nature would be made clear.

    A global catastrophe that wipes out most of the population would push us back to our roots in Genesis. Men would work extra hard to provide for women and children. The women would have to look after the children as the latter are not fit enough or possess an adaptive mindset to match the sudden shift in life.

    All of those privileges they took for granted would be gone and they would cripple under the weight of having to fight really hard to live efficiently and sufficiently. Highly adaptable men would be shaken at first but not stirred as they are naturally inclined to tackle problems of the world and lead. Women are nurturers and would naturally assume their supportive role of raising children and supporting men in any way they can.

    In those survival reality tv shows that do specials featuring a battle of the sexes, The story is always the same. The men succeed while the woman struggle to make tough decisions. One show in particular showed the women capitulating and asking the men for help and to even take them under their shelter because their own tent was a bust. The producers snuck the women a few chickens but they didn't possess the resolve to kill the chickens for food, Due to their knack for forming attachments.

    I acknowledge that reality tv tends to be fake but not entirely. This sheds light on the bigger, Undeniable pictures that men and women are different psychologically and more attuned to certain roles.

    This is a reality would grudgingly except. Or rather the feminazis. Real women who accept their femininity would be more or less accept a world led by men again, At least until they restore society to what it was and the lines are blurred so women can balance being a mother and having a career again.

    If you feel I am wrong and think we could use our experience for a rebuilding of the world this time with a more equal society, Feel free to challenge me and explain your position on the other side of the poll.

  • Ya probably.

    Women are on average weeker than men this would make it harder for women to secure food and shelter this is why society formed this way in the first place it’s only now that we have technically advanced so much that our current system can even sustain itself but if a massive natural catastrophe destroyed our technology women would be once again at a massive disadvantage they would need to make a deal with a man that he will protect her and provide food for her and in exchange she will prepare the food and she will take care of his kids

    But let’s not hope for a climate disaster guys ok

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