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  • Highly unlikely to

    A global government would not really solve anything. There would be wars over a Chinese president being elected because there are a lot of people in China. Smaller nations would see this as unfair. Also, the majority of wars that exist today are between governments and terrorist organizations, not governments against governments. So this would not solve anything.

  • No, a global government woukd not bring world peace.

    No, a global government would not bring world peace. Unfortunately we will never have world peace no matter how much we try. Nations will always find something to fight over whether it be religion, land oil or something else. In fact a global government would probably end up splintering into different groups and that could cause conflict.

  • No, I don't believe a global government would bring about world peace.

    I believe that while a Global Government would solve many economic and military problems I still think there would be fractions across the globe that would still cause trouble and chaos simply because they greatly dislike the idea of a Global Government, so while nation to nation conflict would be eliminated there would still be unrest in the world.

  • No, a global government would not bring world peace.

    I think the idea of a world government is a dangerous one. And I definitely think it would not bring world peace. I think that such an entity would be a danger to the citizens of governments. And there will always be a difference of ideas among the officials of such an orgqnization

  • There's be so much fighting.

    No, a global government would not bring world peace, because there would always be factions that would disagree. The Christians would get stepped on, and their interests would be pulled aside. The money would be taken away from hardworking people and it would be given to corrupt governments. It would be a mess.

  • no, of couse not

    I think a world government would be a door to corruption we have never seen before. When you give a handful of people that much power, they get out of control. People cannot handle power. No, I think we should be a better and more welcoming global community, but one government would be a disaster.

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