Would a globally unified space program help bring world peace?

  • The key part here is 'help bring world peace'; answer: of course.

    With the pace of globalization nations are become more interconnected and interdependent. It's only a matter of time till something like this happens and when of does. The world nations will have to cooperate more with each other bringing them closer and that can only happen if they have a more peaceful attitude toward each other. Also the only way it could come into existence is by being more peaceful toward each other hence by taking those points into account the rationale behind the questions, answer becomes self- consistent. Must be peace for it to be created and then the peace is peturalted by it's existence and in order for it to work.

  • Curiosity of exploring and geting more resources would unify and lessen violence but not eliminate violence or unify the human race

    Naturally humans have a sense of curiosity maybe it can used to minimize violence and maybe unify the human race.But we can never be sure what can happen in the future there could be a ww3 that can destroy our race ,or maybe we create the united federation of planets I guess we will have to wait.

  • It's a major step

    We as a civilization should have a unified space program. Our generation should be paving the way for our children's children for branching out everywhere. Having a program like that would in no doubt lead to some unity Among nations and could in fact result in some peace. So who is to say at the same time that we would come to a world hunger resolution or any other endless possibilities. I say yes it's time to take a step

  • yes definetly

    most problems on earth are because of limited resources we have and religion. with new generation space program maybe space elevator there will be possibility to start mining asteroid belt this will fix resources problem for many generations so all that will be left to fix is religion and we are done. enjoy the world peace.

    Posted by: vyt
  • Yes, it might be a start

    I think that is a good idea. That way every one shares the cost and it is a chance for everyone to work together towards a common goal. This could lead to cooperation with some other type of problem down the road and the leaders will have already worked together to solve another problem.

  • What's the Point?

    People can't agree about anything on earth, how will you expect them to agree on anything about space? Haven't we tried since humans existed to get along? We call for world peace all the time, but who are we kidding? It's not going to happen until everyone wants it to happen, and that won't happen until we can agree on everything! Space exploration should be the least of our worries, and will do nothing to unify us.

  • Space Won't Fix Earthly Problems

    World Peace is an issue that humans have been struggling with since mankind began interacting with other people across the globe. That being said, going into space would do nothing to help the problems here on earth. Those involved in the space program would only disagree about the correct way to approach the idea, leading into more fights because, let's face it, humans will fight and make a fight very personal for no reason.

  • People would just fight anyway.

    A globally unified space program may be a great boon to space exploration, but it would do little for world peace. There are already things like the Olympics based on international togetherness, and countries just go to them, act friendly, and then go back to fighting. Astronauts from around the world may work together in a unified space program, but their soldiers would still have guns pointed at each other.

  • Focus on Earth, Not Space

    A vast majority of the world's population will never live in space. A globally-unified space initiative won't bring about peace as much as eliminating poverty and reducing world hunger. World governments should focus on peaceful things like building homes, growing food and making viable economic advancements instead of trying to make a living in space.

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