Would a government-established limit on saturated fat in foods remedy some of the causes of heart disease?

  • I think it this would be a good place to start.

    I suspect food manufacturers know in the back of their minds that government established limits on saturated fats may be coming. I think many companies are conducting research trials in an effort to drastically reduce saturated fats in processed foods. Unfortunately, I think it will take government established limits to get all food manufacturers to comply, but once we get 100% participation, I think we will see heart disease start to decline.

  • Government should not get involved

    The government should not crack down on saturated fats because this would just cause people to eat other foods that would be just as harmful or even more harmful to eat. People just need to use common sense when choosing their food choices and then the government would not have to get involved.

  • People would find a way.

    No, a government-established limit on saturated fat in foods would not remedy some of the causes of heart disease, because people would just develop a black market to eat more fatty foods. Fatty foods are a problem, however, it is unfair to tell food producers what things they can and cannot make.

  • Limiting the amount of saturated fat in foods would not make a difference

    I disagree that a government established limit on saturated fat in foods would be much help in remedying some causes of heart disease because it is a short term solution to a bigger problem. The real culprit is the eating habit of the typical American. If an American citizen chose to eat less saturated fats, then the numbers for heart disease might go down.

  • Government doesn't need to go that far.

    No, I don't think that the government should be putting limits on how much saturated fat should be in foods. People are going to make poor dietary choices, and we can't legislate those choices out of existence. It would also not work very well in restaurants, where there is very little in the way of food labeling required.

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